FASHIONCLASH is a Maastricht based institution founded in 2009 and managed by artistic and managing directors Branko Popovic, Laurens Hamacher and Nawie Kuiper.

‘Innovative & Interdisciplinary showcase platform for fashion and a worldwide network of emerging designers and artists.’

Since 2009 FASHIONCLASH has realised numerous successful projects and offered the stage to over 1000 talents in The Netherlands, but also in Brazil, South-Africa, China, Poland, Czech Republic, Belgium, Germany, Portugal, Serbia and Italy. 

Find more information on FASHIONCLASH and the team on the About page.


Where is FASHIONCLASH located?

 Our office is located in Maastricht. For more details on the (post)address visit the Contact page.

I would like to participate in one of your projects, where do I sign up?

You can visit the project page on this website for the specific information on where and how to apply. We will announce new projects on the home page of our website. In case you don’t find the information you’re looking for, please feel free to send us a message via the contact page.

Are there any requirements to participate in your projects?

The terms and conditions are different for every project. Please advice the page of the project you’re interested in for more information.