Polimoda - A rendez-vous with Branko Popovic

On Wednesday December 12th, the Polimoda Rendez-Vous series hosted a guest lecture by Branko Popovic, co-founder and co-Director of FASHIONCLASH. 

Within the artistic context FASHION MAKES SENSE, Popovic’s Rendez-Vous digged into how FASHIONCLASH stimulates fashion audiences to consider the state of the industry: “What is the importance and role of fashion in our society, and how can fashion contribute to our well-being and a better world?”

More information: https://www.polimoda.com/rendez-vous-branko-popovic/

Making of MINO - Act! Cut! Play!


Act! Cut! Play! is an interdisciplinary talent development project with the ambition to take the quality of fashion films to a higher level. In the context of this project three fashion films were produced. 

MINO is the fourth film that resulted out of one of the workshops During these workshops three teams were formed and challenged to present a concept for a fashion film. The winning team consists of Nora Ramakers, Rosanne Groenendijk, Caz Egelie and Sterre Troquay. Together with Daniel van Hauten they have developed MINO.

MINO premiered during FASHIONCLASH Fashion Film Festival in Maastricht in November 2017.

In this video, made by WEDOVOODOO.TV, you can see behind the scenes footage of MINO and short interviews with Act! Cut! Play! participants.

Watch the video here:

Act! Cut! Play!

Three teams existing of a designer, theatre maker, and filmmaker from either the Netherlands or Flanders, were challenged to work together to investigate the possibilities and boundaries of their disciplines and the provided ‘format’ of the fashion film. With the incorporation of a theatre maker, the three teams were challenged to make the narrative an important element within the films. 

Since December 2016 these three films where shown all over the world. The films have been screened at more than 30 international film festival including ASVOFF, BAIFFF, Bokeh FFF, Mexico FFF, Copenhagen FFF, Amsterdam Fashion Week, Cinedans and Raindance. 

In addidion, the films have been awarded with several awards. 

Act! Cut! Play! project is an initiative by FASHIONCLASH, Vlaams Cultuurhuis de Brakke Grond and MoMu – FashionMuseum Antwerp.

You can see more Act! Cut! Play! Fashion films on Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/fashionclash

Fashionclash Fashion Film Festival 2017

Fashionclash Fashion Film Festival 2017


Christmas Designer Market

On Saturday the 15th of December, FASHIONCLASH hosted a Christmas Designer Market at The Student Hotel in Maastricht. Organized in the context of the Fashion House project, visitors could buy clothing, jewelry and accessories from (local) designers at one of Maastricht’s newest hotspots.

ebby port, Henkjenz, Jackalo, Danielle Vroemen - Jewellery Design, S T U D I O H E E Y BY H.Klein, Olivia Bertus - Handmade Originals, Paragon by Mirte van Wijngaarden, Maryvonne Wellen Jewellery, SOOLZTER, Little Trophy, Hiske Hottinga, Jivika Biervliet, Duo Wonder by Sofie Hermans textile & surface design & Souvenirs at Katja Noelmans, Marlou Verheijden, STRIKKS, Chakula Uponya

 Photography: Mitch van Schijndel