FASHIONCLASH at Cologne Fashion Days 2014


FASHIONCLASH presented Dutch fashion talent at Cologne Fashion Days COLOGNE FASHION DAYS 14 – 16 November 2014 NEW YORKER | DOCK.ONE

The guest country for Cologne Fashion Days 2014 was the Netherlands and FASHIONCLASH was invited to present emerging Dutch designers. Within the „Think Dutch Space”, diversity, innovation and creativity of Dutch fashion design was on display. Presentation showcased fashion in the broadest sense of the word, next to fashion design there was shoe design, textile design and accessories. On Saturday, November 16 the forth edition of Cologne Catwalk took place with a fashion show that featured Judith van Vliet x Chris van den Elzen and Jivika Biervliet in collaboration with designer Peter Hsieh and shoe designer Ruben Lekkerkerker.

Chris van den Elzen & Judith van Vliet are winners of Cologne Catwalk Award 2014.

FASHIONCLASH presented the following designers:
- Liselore Frowijn - Deniz Terli - Joelle Boers Studio - Ebby Port - Mevan Kaluarachchi - Jivika Biervliet in collaboration with Peter Hsieh and Ruben Lekkerkerker - Bas Kosters Studio - by Sanne Jansen - Chris van den Elzen & Judith van Vliet More information:

Thank you designers, COLOGNE CATWALK, DAAB team and special thanks to the Dutch Embassy (Generalkonsulat der Niederlande in Düsseldorf)