Distinguished Dreams


Distinguished Dreams

Dance meets Fashion in a special collaboration of FASHIONCLASH & Dutch Dance Festival (Nederlandse Dansdagen)

In this project between FASHIONCLASH & Dutch Dance Festival ten successful young choreographers and designers will create new work in pairs. Each group will develop a mini performance based on a mutual fascination and concept. De choreographies will be performed by dancers from dance schools in Venlo and Maastricht.

The created works differ in terms of length and shape from the traditional format in which they are considered to be presented which literally opens up new opportunities for the creators. Dance and fashion communicate directly, beyond reason. Our bodies, and the way we literally hide and reveal us, is central. What happens when top talents from the Fashion and Dance world meet in a clash?

Take a look at images of Distinguished Dreams at FASHIONCLASH Festival - >  pictures by Peter Stigter

Participants: Cecilia Moisio & Sara Vrugt Jasper van Luijk & Jivika Biervliet Loïc Perela & fORS Melissa Ellberger & Mieke Kockelkorn Katja Heitmann & Annemarije van Harten

Dancers are students from dance schools Venlo ArtEZ Dansacademie & Vooropleiding Dans Maastricht: Naomi Beer, Tielke Hendrikx, Ella van Duijnhoven, Lotte van Oort, Jeroen Janssen, Ghislaine van den Heuvel, Megan Giouroukis, Marijn Jansen, Fee-Lise Verbon, Stef Leenen, Hanna van den Berg, Mérou Schroeder, Bo Jacobs, Senne Didderen, Sümeyye Serdan.

Distinguished Dreams: When & Where

- Premiere on Friday, May 16th in the ECI Cultuurfabriek in Roermond - FASHIONCLASH Festival 2014  (12 t / m 15 June) - 17th edition of the Dutch Dance Festival Days 3, 4 and October 5 in Maastricht --> more info: http://www.nederlandsedansdagen.nl

Distinguished Dreams is developed within the framework of Eeuwige Jeugd project (Eternal Youth project), project initiated by Bank Nederlandse Gemeente and BNG Cultuurfonds to celebrate both their anniversary, 100 and 50 years. --> more information 

Distinguished Dreams is tot stand gekomen op initiatief van BNG Band en BNG Cultuurfonds ter viering van het jubileumjaar BNG Bank 100 en BNG Cultuurfonds 50 jaar in 2014. Dit project wordt begeleid door Pioneers in Culture.

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