Winners- FASHIONCLASH Fashion Film Festival 2017


Saturday evening, 4 November, the FASHIONCLASH Fashion Film Festival 2017 the Award Ceremony concluded the program at Lumière Cinema Maastricht.

FFFF is the first international fashion film festival in the Netherlands. The program contained screenings with a selection of more than 60 short fashion films from all over the world.  FFFF showcased both emerging and established filmmakers and designers who experiment with the genre.

Jury members
Diane Pernet (founder ASVOFF, fashion critic) Michael Daks (director and photographer) Richard Dols (filmmaker and director at DocFest) Leendert Sonnevelt (editor-in-chief Glamcult Magazine) Marcel Schlutt (editor-in-chief KALTBLUT Magazine)

Winners and Nominees are:

Best Fashion Film (price: € 1500) 1. A Hommage to David Bowie in Sound and Vision, CANADA     2. Club 99.7, Nina Holmgren 3. Butt Muscle Christeene, Matt Lambert 4. Don't you know you're a queen, Arice 5. Breaking Rules, Victor Claramunt 6. Georgetown Optician "The Eye Ball', Dean Alexander

Best Dutch Fashion Film (Canon Nederland award, Canon EOS 77D Camera)1. iii, Femke Huurdeman, Suze Milius, Marie-Sophie Beinke     2. Gallivant, Bram van Dijk 3. Ninety-Four: The Course of War, David Jan Bronsgeest 4. Burning Oceans Into Deserts, Emma Westenberg 5. Martan, Daan Groot

Best Emerging Talent (price: € 500) 1. Parallel Pyramid Platform, Daniel van Hauten, Studio Dennis Vanderbroeck, Emmanuel A.Ryngaert 2 iii, Femke Huurdeman, Suze Milius, Marie-Sophie Beinke 3. Ninety-Four: The Course of War, David Jan Bronsgeest 4. Burning Oceans Into Deserts, Emma Westenberg 5. #WeBelieveInThePowerOfLove, Luca Finoti 6. The12Project, Hadi Moussally

FASHIONCLASH One-to-watch(price: € 500) Burning Oceans Into Deserts, Emma Westenberg for Hardeman

Call for entries - FASHIONCLASH Fashion Film Festival 2017


FFFF – FASHIONCLASH Fashion Film Festival 3 - 5  November 2017 Maastricht

FFFF is the first international film festival in the Netherlands that is focussing on the ‘fashion film’ genre. The program consists of short fashion film screenings, masterclasses, workshops, cross-over performances, installations and fashion talks. FFFF Festival aims to offer a stage to emerging and filmmakers and designers who experiment with the genre and is also a platform for debate about The State of The Art of this rising film genre. The program consists of a curated selection of the relevant fashion films from the past few years and new films. The festival curatorial special focus themes are Dutch Fashion Film and Fashion Makes Sense (films that matter). Furthermore, in program is the Act! Cut! Play! project screening and recap talk. FFFF is accessible festival for everyone and a unique opportunity to get inspired by the world of fashion, discover new fashion and film talents and to enjoy the city of Maastricht. Festival program is accessible via ticket sale and partly for free. The festival program will take place at various locations in Maastricht, including venues such as Lumière Cinema, de Bijenkorf and Thiessen Wijnkoopers.


FASHIONCLASH invites all emerging and established filmmakers, designers and brands to submit their work via the Open Call. By entering the FFFF you have a chance to be selected for one of the official program screenings and also to be shortlisted for the FFFF Awards. FFFF contains an award ceremony where several prizes will be announced by the appointed jury. - Best Fashion Film: €1.500,00 - Best International Emerging Talent: € 500,00 - Best National Emerging Talent: Canon camera awarded by Canon Netherlands

You want to submit your film/films? All films must be submitted online via FilmFreeway only. Find out the conditions and application: FASHIONCLASHFashionFilmFestival

The State of the Art of the Fashion Film Fashion and film have been hand in hand and influencing each other for decades, for example in classics like Breakfast at Tiffany's or more recent examples like A Single Man or The Neon Demon. More and more the fashion film has become an essential part of the communication strategy of each fashion brand. In this era of e-culture, it is one of the best ways to capture a fashion narrative and to reach a wide audience via online platforms and media. Challenging the norms of traditional advertising techniques and moving fashion shoots, designers have embraced film as an art form and have moved away the use of mundane product placement. Film as a medium is an incredible discipline to tell stories. Nowadays, the genre is highly on the rise and also embraced by major directors such as Wes Anderson, Miranda July, Martin Scorsese and David Lynch who are engaged in making fashion films. In less than ten years the fashion film broke from the Off Schedules through to the core of the fashion industry. The fashion films are no longer used as a means of communication but also presented as independent artworks. Big brands like Dior, Chanel, Prada and Gucci are spending loads of money on editorial campaigns and fashion films. Undoubtingly the fashion film is here to stay. The industry has to look further than just clothes and photography. Technological developments have made fashion films more accessible; for instance, you can now film a fashion film entirely on your phone. What is the future of fashion film and the state of the art of fashion film? With the FASHIONCLASH Fashion Film Festival we invite you to discover the beauty and the potential of fashion film.

“As an interdisciplinary development platform FASHIONCLASH focuses on presenting fashion in the broadest sense of the word. The growing interest and the rising submissions of fashion film has inspired us to include fashion films screenings in our program. In 2014 and 2015 we have organized the ‘Fashion Film Night Out’ during FASHIONCLASH Festival. In addition, FASHIONCLASH produced two fashion films, one of these ‘Aspire’ has been part of the official selection in festivals such as Madrid and Berlin Fashion Film Festival.” – FC artistic team

Recently, the Act! Cut! Play! Project has been organized, an initiative of FASHIONCLASH, Flemish Arts Centre De Brakke Grond and MoMu – Antwerp Fashion Museum. Act! Cut! Play! is an interdisciplinary talent development project with the ambition to lift the quality of fashion films to a higher level. Three teams existing of a designer, theatre maker, and filmmaker from either the Netherlands or Flanders, were challenged to work together to investigate the possibilities and boundaries of their disciplines and the provided ‘format’ of the fashion film. With the incorporation of a theatre maker, the three teams are challenged to make the narrative an important element within the films. Since December 2016 these three films are on display in the international fashion, theatre-, film- and art world. Meanwhile the films have received nominations and awards in festivals such as ASVOFF, BAIFFF Buenos Aires International Fashion Film Festival, Bokeh Fashion Film Festival (Cape Town), Mexico Fashion Film Festival and Copenhagen Fashion Film Festival.

FASHIONCLASH Fashion Film Festival is made possible by Provincie Limburg, Gemeente Maastricht, Prins Berhard Cultuurfonds Limburg, Stimuleringsfonds Creative Industrie, Stichting Edmond Hustinx, Canon Nederland, de Bijenkorf, Lumière Cinema, Thiessen Wijnkoopers, Amsterdam/Dubai Fashion Tv, NOTO, WEDOVOODOO.TV, Kaltblut Magazine, Arts Thread, Vlaams Cultuurhuis de Brakke Grond, MoMu Antwerp.

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