Luca Tichelman

FFFF @ de Bijenkorf Maastricht


FASHIONCLASH Fashion Film Festival @ de Bijenkorf Maastricht

3 November: invitation only 4 November: 10:00 – 18:30, free entrance 5 November: 12:00 – 18:00, free entrance

FFFF program at the Bijenkorf shows fashion films by Dutch filmmakers/designers and a number of brand new productions.

Kill Your Darlings - Maarten van Mulken, Pascal Baillien Fashion is Dead. Maarten van Mulken’s collection is a middle finger against this statement. ‘Kill your Darlings’ is a movie about the life and death of the things you love. It's a surreal impression of a girl and her fears, her sins, her joy and her hopes. It's a moment between life and death, where she asks herself why she had to die.

SOLUM, Luca Tichelman A video portrait of two people in different tableaux vivants, raising feelings of stilled alienation. They seek communication, a conversation. At times share one world, but a conversation seems too complex, they stay '' together alone ''. Solo, SOLUM.

'ES TUT MIR LEID! - Studio M.E.N., Annie van Noortwijk ‘Es tut mir leid’ features the debut collection of the new designer Studio MEN. The designers drew inspiration from rugby and played with gender. The models in the film are alienating, and at different locations they try to make contact with the audience. Body language, intense gazes and a dynamic edit and music score, take you to the desolate green fields where the collection of MEN sets foot on earth for the first time.

Dance a measure, Studio Selvedge & Sally Dansgezelschap Maastricht Dance a measure is fashion/dance film inspired by the poem of Neil Gaimen.

A Model Muse: Gwendoline Christie, Barnaby Roper & Iris van Herpen Game of Throne’s Gwendoline Christie finds herself in a dark, digitally rendered alien landscape, entangled in unearthly garments created by Dutch fashion designer Iris van Herpen.

The Mutants, Lotte Milder/AKATAK ‘The Mutants’ is a short fashion film that stems from a fascination with constant change and a desire for stasis. It features three performers and their costumes, each of which undergoes four phases of transformation: from object to woman, from object to man and from object to ‘it’. ‘The Mutants’ poses the question: what will these beings evolve into next?


The Cycle Story - Yoni, INE & SANNE A series of cheeky videos to get the conversation about the female cycle started, in a light hearted and contemporary manner.