Thiessen Wijnkoopers

PROGRAM & TICKETS - FASHIONCLASH Fashion Film Festival 2017


FFFF is the first international fashion film festival in the Netherlands. The program contains screenings with a selection of more than 60 short fashion films from all over the world.  FFFF showcases both emerging and established filmmakers and designers who experiment with the genre. Download (NL / ENG):  Digital Program Brochure

Entrance & Tickets: FFFF is open to everyone and partly for free.  The screenings at de Bijenkorf, Thiessen Wijnkoopers and two of the film screenings and the exhibition at Lumière Cinema are accessible for free.

Locations: Lumière Cinema, Bassin 88 / De Bijenkorf, Achter Het Vleeshuis 26 / Thiessen Wijnkoopers, Grote Gracht 18


Lumière Cinema

3 november

21:00 – 01:00: Exhibition 21:00 – 01:00: Moving Campaign Films (in the exhibition area) Runtime: 00:23:15 | free entrance

21:30 – 23:00: We Margiela – The documentary Runtime: 00:99:00 | Price: €9,00 -> get your ticket

4 november

11:00 – 01:00: Exhibition | Free entrance

11:00 – 01:00:  Moving Campaign Films (in the exhibition area) Runtime: 00:23:15 | free entrance

10:30 - 13:00:  Canon Workshop | limited access, invitation only - More info: here

11:30 – 13:00: Masterclass Pascal Baillien – Directing | Limited access, invitation only - More info: here

13:30 – 18:00: The Loop Runtime: 00:47:58 | free entrance

14:30 – 15:30: Act! Cut! Play! | Screening + Talk Runtime: 00:60:00 | Price: €9,00

16:00 – 17:30: State of the Fashion Film Talk Runtime: 00:90:00 | Price: €9,00

19:00 – 20:00: Dutch Fashion Films Runtime: 00:50:00 | Price: €9,00

20:30 – 21:30: Fashion Makes Sense Runtime: 00:50:42 | Price: €9,00

22:00 – 23:30: Award Ceremony + Screenings Runtime:  00:90:00 | Price: €17,50

De Bijenkorf Maastricht

3 november: invitation only
4 november: 10:00 – 18:30 Runtime: 00:30:00 | free entrance
5 November:
12:00 – 18:00 Runtime: 00:30:00 | free entrance

Thiessen Wijnkoopers
3 – 5 november: 10:00 – 18:00 Runtime: 00:11:00 | free entrance

Official Selection & Screenings - FASHIONLASH Fashion Film Festival 2017


FFFF #1FASHIONCLASH Fashion Film Festival 1st international film festival in the Netherlands focussing on the ‘fashion film’ genre.

FFFF showcases both emerging and established filmmakers and designers who experiment with the genre. The program contains screenings with a selection of more than 60 short fashion films from all over the world. A unique opportunity to get inspired by the world of fashion film, discover new talents and learn more about the state of the art of fashion film.


Locations: Lumière Cinema, De Bijenkorf Maastricht, Thiessen Wijnkoopers

Download:Digital Program Brochure


OFFICIAL Selection & Screenings

We Margiela – The Documentary – Zaal 2 Date: 3-11-2017. Time: 21:30 – 23:00. Runtime: 00:99:00 Price: Price: €9,00

Mint film office, the Netherlands, 2017, English subtitles.

We Margiela tells the untold story of the enigmatic and singular fashion house Maison Martin Margiela. For the first time, co-founder Jenny Meirens and the members of the creative team that stood at the heart of the house talk extensively about the creative processes and unique philosophies of the Maison. Their stories, told through detailed and intimate interviews, offer unprecedented insight into the genesis and unravelling of one of the most influential fashion houses of our time. The film investigates the legacy of Margiela and its relevance for fashion and authorship today.

Act! Cut! Play! | Screening + Talk - Zaal 2 Date: 4-11-2017. Time: 14:30 - 15:30. Runtime: 00:60:00. Price: €9,00

Act! Cut! Play! is an interdisciplinary talent development project with the ambition to lift the quality of fashion films to a higher level. Three teams existing of a designer, theatre maker, and filmmaker from either the Netherlands or Flanders, were challenged to work together to investigate the possibilities and boundaries of their disciplines and the provided ‘format’ of the fashion film. Since December 2016 these three films were on display in the international fashion, theatre, film- and art world. Meanwhile all three films reached official selections and won prizes all over the world at festivals such as ASVOFF, BAIFFF, Bokeh FFF, Mexico FFF, Copenhagen FFF, Raindance, enz. Act! Cut! Play! an initiative of FASHIONCLASH, Flemish Arts Centre De Brakke Grond and MoMu – Antwerp Fashion Museum. What can we learn from this project? Film and media consultant Niccolo Montanari reflects on the project with several participants.

Screenings + Fashion Film Talk moderated by Niccolo Montanari

  1. Your Approval Is Not Essential, Leen Michiels, Jelena Kostic, Schueller de Waal, 00:12:00 When a chance supermarket encounter unlocks untapped passion in an ordinary woman, her grey life quickly goes into sensory overload. Your approval is not essential sheds a colourful, whimsical light on what happens when you let go of your inhibitions and – out of the blue – start embracing life’s quirky pleasures.

  2. iii, Femke Huurdeman, Suze Milius, Marie Sophie Beinke, 00:03:32 In the world of iii, senses double themselves in order to make one woman complete. It’s time to reckon with this shit

  3. The Parallel Pyramid Platform, Dennis Vanderbroeck, Daniel van Hauten, Emmanuel A. Ryngaert, 00:07:05 The Parallel Pyramid Platform is a highly aesthetic and witty game show in which sixteen contestants construct a gigantic pyramid shaped sculpture, working with and against each other, in order to make it to the top first. A film that explores the friction between the individual versus the collective. A never-ending universe in which, as the sculpture grows, blue becomes red. How one can only replace the inevitable void by start building.

  4. Mino - Nora Ramakers, Rosanne Groenendijk, premiere Mino is a brand new film as result of Act! Cut! Play! workshop made by Nora Ramakers, Rosanne Groenendijk, Caz Egelie, Daniel van Hauten, Sterre Troquay, Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe

  5. Talk: Several participants from the project in conversation with the moderator Niccolo Montanari

The State of Fashion Film | Screening + Talk - Zaal 2 Date: 4-11-2017. Time: 16:00 - 17:30. Runtime: 00:90:00. Price: €9,00

Niccolo Montanari in conversation with a panel existing of Raquel Couceiro (Showstudio), Ditte Marie Lund (Copenhagen Fashion Film Festival), Kathryn Ferguson (film maker, director), Marie Schuller (film maker, photographer)

Undoubtingly the fashion film is here to stay as the industry looks further than just clothes and photography. Technological developments have made fashion films more accessible. Fashion film has become an essential part of the communication strategy fashion brands and more young designers are experimenting with the genre. In this era of rising e-culture, it is one of the best ways to capture a fashion narrative and to reach a wide audience via online platforms. But what is exactly a fashion film? What is the future of fashion film and the state of the art of fashion film?

7 Deadly Sins of Edward Enninful, Nick Knight Beats collaborates with Nick Knight and SHOWstudio to present The Seven Deadly Sins of Edward Enninful, a film honouring 25 years of fashion by the acclaimed stylist. Featuring seven sins, seven colours, seven sounds and eight top models - naturally, gluttony demanded two - the film is a celebration is a celebration of both Enninful’s illustrious career and the interplay between fashion and music.

Sundower, Marie Schuller A film commissioned by Vogue Italia and FFFM for their second instalment of Through My Eyes: Women's View.

Incredible Machines, Kathryn Ferguson The film explores the unseen relationship five women have with their bodies and their undergarments. Featuring Michele Lamy (Creative Collaborator, business partner and Muse at Rick Owens), Sharmadean Reid MBE (Founder of Wah Nails), Naomi Shimada (Model and Body Activist), Charlie Craggs (Trans Activist and Founder of Nail Transphobia) and Ruqsana Begum (British Thai Boxing Champion & Designer of Sports Hijabs for Women). Choreography by Wayne McGregor MBE.

Age Appropriate: Club 99.7, Nina Holmgren Club 99.7 is Nina Holmgren’s (Danish artist and director) tribute to old age, and in particular, her poet grandfather.

Dutch Fashion Films - Zaal 1 Date: 4-11-2017. Time: 19:00 - 20:00. Runtime: 00:49:27. Price: €9,00

A selection of fashion films made in the Netherlands by emerging Dutch film makers and fashion designers.

  1. 'ES TUT MIR LEID!, Studio M.E.N. , Annie van Noortwijk, 00:01:55, premiere ‘Es tut mir leid’ features the debut collection of the new designer Studio MEN. The designers drew inspiration from rugby and played with gender. The models in the film are alienating, and at different locations they try to make contact with the audience. Body language, intense gazes and a dynamic edit and music score, take you to the desolate green fields where the collection of MEN sets foot on earth for the first time.

  2. SOLUM, Luca Tichelman in association with Kim Karssen, 00:10:40, premiere A video portrait of two people in different tableaux vivants, raising feelings of stilled alienation. They seek communication, a conversation. At times share one world, but a conversation seems too complex, they stay '' together alone ''. Solo, SOLUM.

  3. MARTAN, Daan Groot, 00:01:41 The MARTAN film was inspired by the limiting stigma of spirituality. Director Daan Groot portrays the cult performing drug fuelled rituals of dynastic nature. Exposing their ever-growing bond in the flaming light of their mutual and somewhat sexual quest to explore each other, their spiritual being as well as their shared role in a world where religion tends to radicalize or disappear.

  4. Family Portrait, Marta Lillioja, 00:05:12 Glamorius family is gathered together for having their picture taken. Characters from the family portrait start to unravel in a superlative atmosphere, discovering and playing around the house.

  5. Mayfly, Femke Huurdeman, 00:01:22 Mayfly is a short fashion film for the graduation collection of Lies Scheps.

  6. Les Rouleaux de Printemps, Annie van Noortwijk, 00:02:12 In a film reminiscent of the avant-garde cinema of the '60s, Dutch multidisciplinary artist Anne-Marie van Noortwijk turns her lens on model Azuli dressed in OshKosh B'Gosh in Chinatown LA. Combining fashion and film with a playful how-to for making East Asian culinary favourite spring rolls.

  7. Gallivant, Bram van Dijk, 00:06:06 The main theme of the film is about breaking patterns, and looking for a feeling that is worthwhile, a strong adrenaline rush that can hit you at an unexpected moment.

  8. Goldenboy, Thalia de Jong, 00:02:00 Golden Boy is a prize-winning guinea pig, with quite the elaborate hair routine. In preparation for his shows, Golden Boy is groomed to perfection by his breeder.

  9. AETHER, Karmen Samson, 00:05:02 The story takes place on planet Earth. But it’s not the same as we know it today. The atmosphere exploded ten years ago, due to the pollution and destruction done by humankind. Nobody survived, expect for one girl... Aether. She is the last person on Earth. She survived this disaster thanks to an artificial atmosphere. But for how long will she carry on with this kind of life?

  10. The Cycle Story, Yoni, INE & SANNE, 00:00:55 A series of cheeky videos to get the conversation about the female cycle started, in a light hearted and contemporary manner.

  11. (dis)connect, Lies Scheps, 00:03:38 A fashion film exploring a range of reactions to the internet-age.

  12. NINETYFOUR: The Course of War, David Jan Bronsgeest, 00:01:03 The Course of War is the second fashion film created by David Jan Bronsgeest. This time our heroes are on a losing hand in a dystopian universe somewhere between heaven and hell. With the helping hand of an old stranger the Ninetyfour Family is ready to strike back. Never fear darkness, follow the blind.

  13. Burning Oceans into Deserts, Emma Westernberg, 00:06:00 A modern Western about the fire of love: A girl falls for the mirage of a cowboy, only to learn that she is one herself.

  14. Limburg Film Commission Promo, Strictua, 00:01:41 Limburg and its surrounding border region are packed with unique film locations. In this trailer, the cinematographic qualities of the province and its talents come together in a unique product. Directed by Strictua on behalf of the Limburg Film Commission.

Fashion Makes Sense – Zaal 1 Date: 4-11-2017. Time: 20:30 - 21:30. Runtime: 00:50:42.             Price: €9,00

A selection of short fashion films and documentaries that are showing that fashion can make sense. FASHIONCLASH strongly believes that the art of fashion can stimulate critical debate about controversial issues in our society. Fashion film as a medium is an incredible discipline to tell stories, to address controversial issues, to create a dialogue and connect disciplines.

  1. #WeBelieveInThePowerOfLove Nike / R.T, Luca Finotti, 00:02:20 The idea behind this film is to bring together Riccardo Tisci and Nike's worlds. Taking inspiration from Tisci's statement "I believe in the power of love", Finotti aims to underline that we are all believers. Based on this, the video celebrates inclusion and love with a wide range of models and aesthetics to show how our differences are something that bind and bring us together, not set us apart.

  2. Dressed for Protest: The Women's March and Beyond, Glamour Magazine, Amber Moelter at Noir Tribe, 00:17:31 "Dressed For Protest: The Women's March and Beyond" is a short documentary which explores the aesthetics and politics of how fashion is used in protest. It is made in association with The Women's March on Washington - NYC Chapter and Glamour Magazine.

  3. Age Appropriate: Club 99.7 - Nina Holmgren, 00:02:52 Club 99.7 is Nina Holmgren’s (Danish artist and director) tribute to old age, and in particular, her poet grandfather.

  4. EXODUS 20m - Elena Korzhaeva, 00:09:04 A young woman finds an old newspaper of the year 1927 in the book while dusting the book case. From this newspaper, she finds out that her great-grandfather, the hero of the Great Patriotic War, never fought for fellow troops. In 1920-30s he was the head of the concentration camp at Solovki. He killed thousands of prisoners in the Sandormokh area of Karelia forests at Kemi town. In order to find out the terrible truth, Mara and her little daughter Sofia go to Solovki.

  5. Bowie’s Berlin - Matt Lambert, 00:03:32 Matt Lambert’s work is all about the power and intimacy of sexuality, the thrill of being an outsider and the questioning of identity. All of these themes could coalesce in the work of one man; David Bowie.

  6. SINGULAR - Anna Bonny, Chloé Wallace, 00:02:54 There is beauty in every battle scar, and there is bravery in embracing them. Chloé Wallace directs a poetic portrait of strength and femininity for Anna Bonny, celebrating the singular indulgence of the brand's post-mastectomy breast patch concept.

  7. Butt Muscle - Christeene, Matt Lambert, 03:15 BUTT MUSCLE, the 9th instalment of the CHRISTEENE Video collection, is the first single off the highly anticipated second wave of CHRISTEENE. Injecting sexualized sub sounds layered with heat sinking harmonies, BUTT MUSCLE serves up a surreal soundscape from the artist that guarantees a richness of texture and maturity of stank from the upcoming collection.

  8. Ethetics Episode 1: AKJP, Amber Moelter at Noir Tribe, 00:04:18 ETHETICS (ethics+aesthetics) is a series exploring and celebrating ethical and socially responsible brands around the world. We're dedicated to the telling of alluring stories that provoke the eco-conscious and the eco-curious.

  9. Fashion Makes Sense, FASHIONCLASH Festival 2017, Olivier Ronot Only Fashion Network, 00:05:00 Short documentary and behind the scenes of Fashion Makes Sense, the 9th edition of FASHIONCLASH Festival.

Award Ceremony + Screenings (incl. two premieres) Zaal 1
Date: 4-11-2017. Time: 22:00 - 23:30. Runtime: 00:90:00. Price: €17,50
The award ceremony is a celebration of the art of fashion film with a must-see selection of high-profile international fashion films that have been noticed and critically acclaimed. In addition, two brand new local fashion films will be presented. Right after the screening nominees and winners will be announced by the jury.

  1. Kill Your Darlings – Maarten van Mulken, directed by Pascal Baillien, 00:05:00, premiere Fashion is Dead. Maarten van Mulken’s collection is a middle finger against this statement. ‘Kill your Darlings’ is a movie about the life and death of the things you love. It's a surreal impression of a girl and her fears, her sins, her joy and her hopes. It's a moment between life and death, where she asks herself why she had to die.

  2. Dance a measure, Studio Selvedge & Sally Dansgezelschap Maastricht, 00:04:00, premiere ‘Dance a measure’ is een fashion/dans film geïnspireerd op het gedicht van Neil Gaimen, met kleding van ontwerpster Lena Berens en tas van ontwerper Milan Palma.

  3. The 12Project, Hadi Moussally, 00:12:00 The12Project is not only a story about fashion, it’s also about art & passion and the world we live in. The12Project introduces fashion designers’ creation through online videos and editorials. Every month, The12Project discusses a theme. Each one explores its own way to deliver a symbolic and unique message you can discuss. At the end of a 12 months-cycle, the 12 videos will merge to give birth to a new 12-minute movie.

  4. ASMR,, Tarik Malak & Timothy Douglas: 02:49 An absurd and visual ASMR reading of Lewis Carroll's Jabberwocky by Barbara Palvin.

  5. Breaking Rules, Victor Claramunt, 00:04:20 Rules are necessary for the development of a society, if they did not exist we'd miss the pleasure of breaking them.

  6. Robots, Blitzwerk Studios, 00:05:48 In a world where human’s faces are brightened out by the light from their smart phones, a man buys an android in order to experience simulated human interaction. After exploring romantic scenarios together, the android finds the man’s smart phone and is instantly attracted to it, becoming like all humans with brightened out faces. She leaves the man alone, who becomes desperate when he realises that his phone is gone. For the first time, he sees his own face. Desperately calling for help in the streets, the crowd starts filming him instead of helping him.

  7. Ethetics Episode 2: Mdingi Coutts, Amber Moelter at Noir Tribe, 00:03:17 ETHETICS (ethics+aesthetics) is a series exploring and celebrating ethical and socially responsible brands around the world. We're dedicated to the telling of alluring stories that provoke the eco-conscious and the eco-curious. Episode 2 features a collaboration between Lukhanyo Mdingi & Nicholas Coutts.

  8. Georgetown Optician: “The Eye Ball”, Dean Alexander, 00:02:17 “The Eye Ball” is the sequel to the award winning “Our Family Know Glasses” film. It continues the true-ish story of the Voorthuis family, optically-obsessed owners of Georgetown Optician – a true-life Fashion eyewear retailer.

  9. The 3rd Woman, Benjamin Nicolas, 00:01:53 Dive into Oscar Carvallo's 2017 Haute Couture collection in this underwater experimental fashion film.

  10. Don’t You Know You’re Queen, Arice, 00:03:17 She arose from what in this world represents her the most. She reigns supreme, silently observing a slow, yet endless evolution. A stream of geometries for everyone to decode, along the crowded and lonely path. It is still possible to run away from the hidden gaze. To let the good and the bad go, until a new vision will be revealed through a leap toward an unexplored emptiness.

  11. Bello, Monica Menez, 00:05:10 ‘What people do when no one is watching’ – this could easily have been the title of Monica Menez´ new fashion film. "Bello" tells a frivolous and catty story about a classic love triangle, where a housemaid takes revenege on her employer. A film full of bizarre situational comedy and surprising dance elements.

  12. A Hommage to David Bowie in Sound and Vision, CANADA, 00:07:34 Catalan director collective CANADA, Sound and Vision is an homage to late pop icon David Bowie.

  13. ‘Make Yourself Unstoppable’ Strellson, Wolf & Lamm, 00:03:47 The film communicates Strellson's desire to inspire men through its authentic fashion to go with their own intuition and not let anything stand in their way. High-end premium suits and a contemporary style strike a chord in this new-generation man, lending him support and composure in every situation.

  14. Award Ceremony, announcement of nominees and winners

The Loop- Zaal 4 Date: 4-11-2017. Time: 13:30 - 18:00. Runtime: 00:47:58. Price: free entrance
The Loop shows an international selection of fashion films from both emerging and established film makers and brands. An eclectic mix that shows the potential and variety of the fashion film as a medium.

  1. A Model Muse: Gwendoline Christie, Barnaby Roper’s & Iris van Herpen, 03:00 Game of Throne’s Gwendoline Christie finds herself in a dark, digitally rendered alien landscape, entangled in unearthly garments created by Dutch fashion designer Iris van Herpen.

  2. ANY DAY NOW, Marcro Castro, 03:08 A World War II bunker by the sea. A post-apocalyptic day in the near future. Only a few survivors, longing to be touched, hankering for love. All they've got left is each other and their furs to keep them warm. Others arrive, foreign. The monarch of the tribe demands an exchange of fur. Submitting to peace. A new beginning.

  3. Appolo, Cristian Velasco, 05:00 From the distance, Apollo is bored. Fashion smells asphyxia. For him, we were no longer interesting, until now. Someone has finally woken up from this ordinary world and this captivates his attention. Let's start the Mission.

  4. MYTH, Manfre & Iker Iturria, 05:34 "Myth" is a revisionist about the myth of the Ten Commandments whose ionic strength mixes the Christian view with the one of the Maya culture.

  5. A Tale of Endurance: Celebration of the Imperfect, IRO Paris, Stephanie Bollag, 01:39 Trapped in an abandoned dungeon, the badass heroine IRO manages to free herself and a band of zombielike misfits from captivity.

  6. Once You Care, Anne Rosenberg, 04:24 A fashion film with a critical tone in regard to mass consumption, inspired by the graduation collection of Joanne de Hoop.

  7. Petit Pois, Daria Geller 01:36 Somewhere in a dream, Lubov finds herself in bed with another woman. Is she just a reflection of herself, or of a desire she's never spoken of before?

  8. Locked, Konrad Bak, 03:00 This film presents the art of freezing time, with Poland’s best models. “Locked” is about misunderstandings and tensions existing between different women, about the nuances of feminine beauty, about capturing the mood of the moment.

  9. The Full Moon in Gemini, Harper's Bazaar Brasil, Amber Moelter at Noir Tribe, 00:57 This faux film fashion thriller teaser for Harper's Bazaar Brasil follows Jordon Moon in the season's top looks from Prada, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Armani, Dior, Mui Mui, Louis Vuitton, Yves Saint Laurent, Ralph Lauren, and Chanel.

  10. Stop Us, SIYYU, This is Felo, Fermin Cimadevilla, 03:58 By designing a series of geometric shaped mirrors within gorgeous landscapes we have created new abstract realities, producing the sensation of a new perception of space and the human sensuality.

  11. Never Look Back, Gökhan Talay, Rohat Türk, 01:00 A fashion film made by Gökhan Talay Brand. Een modefilm gemaakt door Gökhan Talay Brand.

  12. CRY OF THE CITY, Boldizsar CR, 02:50 COTC is a moral story about young people’s challenges when following their dreams in the Big City. Facing alienation and financial hardships often can lead to bad decisions in life. In this film, we dramatized all these issues through fashion, filming methods, music and by using a wonderful dialog between copper and criminal. A particular conversation taken from Cry of the City, a true masterpiece of the 40's.

  13. CitycenterDC: “District of Joy”, Dean Alexander, 01:57 The idea was whether you are high-end fashion shopping or sipping red wine – everything is more delightful, more delicious and more joyful at CityCenterDC.

  14. WOODEN IT BE NICE, Almut Pumpleun, 04:40 Inspired by the designer Christina Albrecht, the fashion film is about an assembly of characters that share the fetish of wanting to become furniture, depicting what values we attach to the objects we surround ourselves with and how this relationship can be a deeply personal one.

  15. Rosegold, Vogue Brasil, Jam Patel, 01:40 Fashion Beauty film for Vogue Brazil starring the gorgeous Gem Refoufi and Andres Velencoso.

  16. Asteroids, Wu ‘Brute Sea’ Hao-Wei, 02:10 The video is a subliminal conversation that correlating the jewels with cosmic asteroids via an enigmatic sensation they shared, and this presence taking place in Grand Palais is documented in a film.

  17. Girls Skate Christian Siriano, Sophia Banks, 01:25 Today women celebrate that they can be badass and taken seriously, whilst also being women, and recognized for their beauty as women.

Moving Campaign Film Date: 3-11-2017. Time: 21:00 – 01:00 / 4-11-2017. Time: 11:00 – 01:00. Runtime: 00:23:15. Price: free entrance Location: Lumière Cinema (in the exhibition area)

Increasingly designers and brands are using the fashion film as a medium to present their collections. These films are moving campaigns and lively lookbooks that express the designers vision and aesthetic.

  1. How to live together? Karime Salame, Rahel Pasztor 01:12 The performance video shows the coats worn by a group of models and dancers in an extraordinary urban setting, reminder of the old tabernacle and the desert's earthy tones. “Every time you wear the coats, you have a homey feeling, and you carry with you those memories of the experiences you have shared on them”.

  2. Silent wonderlust: Veronika Konvičková, 01:00 The relationship between silence and sound is the source of inspiration for the graduation collection 'Silent Wonderlust'. The collection is about beauty found and captured in silence and stillness.

  3. Kai Dunkel - Horos, Nico Meyer-Brenkhof, 01:50 We follow passages into an underworld that leads us to a non-place. A state where strong controlled seams fit the form, manifest confidence & authority.

  4. GABRIEL+GUEVARA, Rob Truijen, 01:00 "in search of whiteness - in praise of shadows serpent's embrace follows its venom, life and legend, shedding skin; into oasis' night sky, shining bright in equilibrium, to jaguar's patches dancing in the dark, wings uncoil."

  5. HOODIEMONKS, Martin Cenkl, 01:42 HOODIEMONKS is about rapping Buddhists monks in Japan. The selection of clothing forms is based on mutual connection between Eastern and Western culture.

  6. Fermi Paradox, Aaron Arnoldt, 02:14 Inspired by the “The simulation Argument” from N.Bostrom, the collection “Fermi Paradox” is based on the question if we are living in a simulated reality. Observing our unconscious mind, our dreams and therefore a possibility of what is real or not.

  7. The dissection of Daddy Cool, Ellen Truijen, Bob van Boven 01:36 This short movie shows the reversed process of the making of an ellen:truijen bag. The bag is produced with the greatest care, from the stitching of the lining to the punching of the leather, the labels and the packman detail on the zipper. All components are dissected to create more awareness for the whole process.

  8. Canted Conscience, Thomas Nuyten 02:41 The collection was based on the way the absolute communal conscience has been pushed aside by the arrival of the „individual conscience” with the start of the past era (the age of Pisces). With the start of the age of Aquarius we can revive this communal conscience that has been lost for millennia, and combine it with our current individual conscience into a new society. We wanted to translate this concept to film by focusing on the shift of the individual on its own, to being part of a group, a whole, while keeping the personal traits intact. Different characters, shapeshifting and uniting into one.

  9. Debora Dax, '6 OBJECTS - Projecting Identity Expressions’- Documentary, 10:00 The artistic documentary that gives the audience insight into the experiences, wishes and needs of people who consciously express their identity and enables questions about how we experience, judge or define identity. Six people with various backgrounds talk about their identity using the most meaningful object for their transformation and/or gender expression. The characters do not come into view, but express their identity through this object by means of another's body.

Living Exhibition 3 november 21:00 – 01:00 / 4 november 11:00 – 01:00 Free entrance
Living Exhibition is a multidisciplinary and interactive exhibition created in association with AKATAK collective. Especially for the festival, AKATAK will create a living exhibition with installations and live performances containing own work and newly developed work related to the context of FFFF. AKATAK will create interaction between the featured work and the audience. The exhibition contains a film screenings, selection of costumes and fashion outfits from several featured fashion films. In addition, you can enjoy performance installation by Mees Walter and Caro Derkx, students of Maastricht Academy of Performing Arts.

Studio AKATAK: The disappearance of Golden Toad AKATAK is a creative studio that works within the field of visual arts and was founded by Karlijn Milder, Lotte Milder and Mats Logen. The studio focuses on high end film, photography and performance art. AKATAK always strives to turn a narrative into a unique experience and uses multiple disciplines. AKATAK wants to take people on a journey to vulnerable and underexposed places. To worlds of way back when, worlds of now and worlds that may not exist (yet).

Video installations by Caro Derkx & Mees Walter (Toneelacademie Maastricht)

SULLA SICILIA Inspired on ‘the seven works of mercy” of Michelangelo Caravaggio. Clothing by Lena Berens.

NERO A 7-screen video-installation. * This installation takes place outsideat Lumiere

Outfits and costumes designs:

How to live together? Designer: Karime Salame. Film: How to live together?

Silent Wonderlust Designer: Veronika Konvičková. Film: Silent Wonderlust

Your Approval is Not Essential design: SCHUELLER DE WAAL. Film: Your Approval is Not Essential, Leen Michiels, Jelena Kostic (Act! Cut! Play!)

Kill Your Darlings Design: Maarten van Mulken. Film: Kill Your Darlings, directed by Pascal Baillien

Limburg Film Commission Design: Verena Klein. Film: Limburg Film Commission promo, Strictua

SERPENT ALCHEMY & NON-BEING Designer: GABRIEL + GUEVARA Exhibition: The disappearance of Golden Toad – Studio AKATAK

Please Don’t Tell Me What To Wear Designer: Ebby Port Exhibition: The disappearance of Golden Toad – Studio AKATAK

Parallel Pyramid Platform Design: Emmanuel A. Ryngaert Film: Parallel Pyramid Platform (Act! Cut! Play!), Daniel van Hauten, Studio Dennis Vanderbroeck

FFFF @ de Bijenkorf Maastricht
Date: 4. 11-2017. Time: 10:00 – 18:30 5. 11-2017. Time: 12:00 – 18:00. Runtime: 00:30:00            Price: free entrance. Address: Achter Het Vleeshuis 26

FFFF program at the Bijenkorf shows fashion films by Dutch filmmakers and designers and a number of brand new productions.

1. Kill Your Darlings - Maarten van Mulken, Pascal Baillien 2. Solum, Luca Tichelman 3. 'ES TUT MIR LEID! - M.E.N., Annie van Noortwijk 4. Dance a measure, Studio Selvedge & Sally Dansgezelschap Maastricht 5. A Model Muse: Gwendoline Christie, Barnaby Roper & Iris van Herpen 6. The Mutants, Lotte Milder/AKATAK 7. The Cycle Story - Yoni, INE & SANNE

FFFF Screening @ Thiessen Wijnkoopers
Date: 3 – 5. 11-2017. Time: 10:00 – 18:00. Runtime: 00:13:15. Price: free entrance
Address: Thiessen Wijnkoopers, Grote Gracht 18

A selection of fashion films co-produced by FASHIONCLASH.

  1. Time, Couzin, Maarten van Mulken & Daniel van Hauten, 00:03:51 Time a music video about the fear of standing still while time passes by. Time is an initiative from FASHIONCLASH and Viewmaster Projects in the context of the Life of Ornament project.

  2. Aspire, Strictua & FASHIONCLASH, 00:04:21 Aspire tells the story about the lives experienced by creatives. They can be considered nomads who are struggling to survive and settle their camps from time to time. Aspire is based on FASHIONCLASH, a unique platform where aspiring, talented artists can present their work and get inspired by the art of fashion.

  3. Heritage, Daniel van Hauten, 00:02:02 Heritage is based on FASHIONCLASH Festival Heritage edition.