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FASHIONCLASH Maastricht 2012: Program & Tickets

It’s time for the 4th edition of the incomparable fashion event FASHIONCLASH Maastricht! SAMdecorfabriek, Meerssenerweg 215, Maastricht LOCATION

Grotere kaart weergeven FASHIONCLASH Maastricht 2012 brings together more than 100 promising talents from 20 countries from all over the world to present you with their creations.  FASHIONCLASH Maastricht is a unique platform for ‘young’ and talented designers/artists to present their works in front of a diverse, international audience.

FASHIONCLASH Maastricht shows the art of fashion with a diverse program: Fashion shows, Exhibition, Clash Project, Performances, Theatrical Encounters and FASHIONCLASH Market #2 in Centre Céramique.

To celebrate the great program there is the FASHIONCLASH Party at the main location with none other than Bas Kosters (FASHIONCLASH Party by Menr. BroekjeVol & Mevr. BloesjeVol and STRICTLY VINYL).

FASHIONCLASH Maastricht is accessible to everyone!

There will be tickets available for the fashion shows and FASHIONCLASH Party to everybody. The exhibition and any further remaining happenings regarding the event are for free!


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In case it does not work contact VVV Ticket service call center: + 31 (0)43 325 21 21



The fashion shows will be combining various styles and fashion collections of upcoming labels. Each show will be including a wide range of avant-garde fashion, haute – couture, ready-to-wear women's wear and men's wear. You can also expect the catwalk to be turned into a stage for performances and theatre presentations.SESSIBON agency is directing the fashion show program. For the 4th year in a raw the wonderful team of M.A.C Cosmetics will take care of the make-up and make sure that the models look stunning.


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In case it does not work contact VVV Ticket service call center: + 31 (0)43 325 21 21

Tickets & Prizes

- Friday day ticket  €25

- Saturday day ticket incl. party €18

- Show 2 € 8

- Show 3 € 8

- Show 4 incl. Party € 11


- Sunday day ticket € 12

- Show 5 € 8

- Show 6 € 8


Friday, June 8th

Opening Expo 7.30 pm

Opening Show /  8pm (doors open 7pm) Invitiation only + limited tickets

-        Opening by KARMIJNROOD

-        CLASH Project premiere

-        FAB / Runway Malta Contest

-        M.A.C Cosmetics presents

Show 1 / 10 pm

-        Theatrical Encounters: Karel van Laere & Sonja Schodel HAAX

-        Naomi Nagelkerken

-        Marly van Lipzig

-        Geneva Corlett

-        Omar Valladolid

-        Sasha Kanevski

-        de l’eefstijl

Sasha Kanevski (photo by Inna Franco)

Omar Valladolid

Saturday, June 9th

Show 2 / 7 pm

-        Agnieszka Natasza Splewińska

-        Aleksandra Lalić

-        Barbara Langendijk

-        Mylène van de Sande

-        Mirte Engelhard & Nikki Giling

-        Jonathan Christopher

-        Lilach Eliyahu

-        Joshua Enker

Jonathan Christopher (photo by Madison)

Mirte Engelhard & Nikki Giling (photo by Meinke Klein)

Show 3 /  /  8.30 pm.

-        Glenda Lagomarsino

-        Hao- Ni Tsai

-        Ivana Pilja

-        Nawie Kuiper

-        Hyerim Hong

-        Lucia Cabanova

-        Josine Heuts

Lucia Cabanova (photo by Julie Scheurweghs)

Show 4 / 10 pm

-        Theatrical Encounters: Jacob Kok & Danilo Colonna

-        Pierre-Antoinne Vettorello

-        Natalie de Koning

-        Branko Popović

-        Hsin Fang Lee

-        Femke Agema

-        Brian Geradts

-        Tata Christiane

Femke Agema (photo by Roel Determeijer)

FASHIONCLASH Party Saturday June 9th / 11pm – 03:00 am

FASHIONCLASH Party met STRICTLY VINYL and Menr. BroekjeVol & Mevr. BloesjeVol!

Sunday, June 10th

Show 5 / 6:30 pm

-        Theatrical Encounters: Karel van Laere & Sonja Schodel

-        Julia & Holle

-        Andrea Mohr

-        Dana Moldajean

-        Manon Boertien

-        Jose Francisco Ramos

-        George Styler

-        Veranika Kharashun

-        Nina Avramović

Nina Avramovic (photo by Marko Cvetkovic)

Show 6 /  8 pm

-        Daniela Barros

-        Marlou Breuls

-        Lenka Srsnova

-        Kamila Gawronska Kasperska

-        Beata Guzinska

-        Likeme(N) by Gertjan van der Linden

-        Gomez Esser Design

-        Zohra Murad

DANIELA BARROS  (photo Carlos Teixeira)

Gomes Esser design (photo Peter Stigter)

FASHIONCLASH Party met STRICTLY VINYL and Menr. BroekjeVol & Mevr. BloesjeVol!

In the picture: Menr. BroekjeVol (Bas Kosters) & Mevr. BloesjeVol (Shirley Macholina)


STRICTLY VINYL will get the party started on Saturday. They will also play music in between shows and at the closing party on Sunday.


STRICTLY VINYL provides a monthly audio trip into minimal techno and deep dubby house. With the intention to invigorate the electronic music scene in Maastricht, every strictly vinyl club night features a special European guest artist. STRICTLY VINYL passionately believes in the magic of vinyl and, in addition to pushing and developing forward thinking electronic music in Maastricht, also intends to convey the timelessness, unique beauty and warmth in sound of VINYL!


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The former décor factory of the Mosa will be temporarily transformed into a cutting-edge exhibition show room. Art from different disciplines will be presented such as fashion, accessories, photography, illustration, video, product and textile design and installations. Tim Prins and Nora Müller from Studio Stad are responsible for the overall look and presentation of the exhibition and SAMdecorfabriek.


Friday: opening Exhibition  7.30  pm

Saturday: 12 am – 10 pm

Sunday: 12 am –   8 pm

SAMdecorfabriek Maastricht

Free Entrance!

  • Special feature: performances in the exhibition by Nina Willems, Dennis Vanderbroeck and Sarah Tulp
  • 'So wie es ist bleibt es nicht'  B. Brecht by Annemarije van Harten & Judith de Joode

Exposition Participants

Anne-Kathrin Bannier, Annemarije van Harten, Chantal Aimée Ehrhardt, Chequita Nahar & Christiaan Lebens, Elvira 't Hart, Eveline van Basten, Evelyn Lebis, Femke Agema, fORS, Hao- Ni Tsai, Hyerim Hong, Ikram El Messaoudi, Ingrid van der Zalm, Jarwo Gibson, Keta Gutmane, Kris Micallef, Lidewij Corstiaans, Lonneke van der Palen, Maite Catti, Mandy Rep, Marije de Haan, May Bernardi, Merel van Gils, Nikola Sokolov, Peter Godijn, Pierre-Antoine Vettorello, Romy Tielman, Saba Tark, Sara Vrugt, SAPHIA (by Ikram El Messaoudi), Suzanne Dikker, Tessa Wagenvoort, Ulrik Martin Larsen and Stefan Friedli

Keta Gutmane (picture Ilze Vanaga)

Sara Vrugt (photography: Lisa van Wieringen)

Pierre-Antoine Vettorello - Photography by Laetitia Bica

Interdisciplinary Projects: Clash Project and Theatrical Encounters

Two specialties of FASHIONCLASH are the interdisciplinary projects such as the Clash project and Theatrical Encounters. Under the slogan Clash project several non-fashion designers and artists will create alternative clothing in connection with their usual discipline.


Clash Project 2012 participants

picture: CLASH project 2011

Ten non-fashion designers are invited to design a fashion outfit.

1 Christoph Knoth - (Web & Graphic Designer, JvE) -D

2 Deutsche & Japaner - (Graphic Designer) - D

3 Fabia Zindel – (Textile Designer) - CH

4 Inge Devor – (Material Reseracher & Designer) - NL

5 Kaspar Hamacher – (Product Designer) - BE

6 La Bolleur – (Multidisciplinary design studio) - NL

7 Loris & Livia – (Product Designer) - UK

8 Maaike Fransen – (Designer) - NL

9 Natalia Kacper Mleczak – (Set designer) - PL

10 Olek – (Artist) - PL


Theatrical Encounters

Interdisciplinary project:  collaborations between fashion designers and stage artists (performers, choreographers and theatre directors).

-        HAAX by Karel van Laere & Sonja Schodel

-        'Till the' by Jacob Kok & Danilo Colonna

-        'So wie es ist bleibt es nicht'  B. Brecht by Annemarije van Harten & Judith de Joode

-        KARMIJNROOD & Mieke Kockelkorn

-        Performances in the exhibition by Nina Willems, Dennis Vanderbroeck, Sarah Tulp and Arjen Sinnighe Damste.

-        Juliette Bogers & Cynthia Jordens

with dancers: Martha Kosieradzka, Isa de Wispelaere, Angela Heranda, Tini Zimmermann.


Jacob Kok & Danilo Colonna

Karel van Laere & Sonja Schoedel

FASHIONCLASH Malta and FAB Contest

Photographer Kris Micallef (designer Nawie Kuiper)

In 2018 The Netherlands and Malta are the two countries that have the honour to choose a host city for the title ‘Cultural capital of Europe 2018’. Maastricht and the Euregio Meuse-Rhine are running for the candidacy. Referring to that Maastricht VIA2018 and Valletta 2018 are supporting the cooperation between the organisations Runway Malta and FASHIONCLASH.

Picture: designer Geneva Corlett by Kris Micallef

In March 2012 FASHIONCLASH attended Runway Malta for the 'FASHIONCLASH designer competition’. Winner of this competition is Geneva Corlett who will be representing Malta during FCM 2012. In addition Maltese photographer Kris Micallef will be exhibiting his work. As a follow up to the collaboration the FAB Contest will take place during FASHIONCLASH Maastricht 2012. The prize for the winning collection is a fashion show during Runway Malta in September 2012.

FAB (Fashion Across Borders) is an initiative of FASHIONCLASH, Fashion Museum Hasselt and Designmetropole Aachen. The purpose of FAB is to provide a platform for fashion talents from the EMR region (Euregio Meuse-Rhine).

FAB contest finalists are: Aïcha Gerards, Andrea Mohr, Brian Geradts, Collette Klinkenberg, Deborah Courtoy, Julia Schätz, Naomi Nagelkerken, Saba Tark, STRIKKS and Zohra Murad.



In connection with the international fashion event ‘FASHIONCLASH Maastricht 2012’ the extraordinary FASHIONCLASH Market is going to have its 2nd edition. FASHIONCLASH Market offers visitors the chance to discover and purchase unique clothing, accessories and design of young designers.

Cenre Céramique, Avenue Céramique 50 Maastricht

Free Entrance!

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Cultuurzomer Maastricht (Maastricht Summer of Culture)

FASHIONCLASH Maastricht en FASHIONCLASH Market#2 are part of of Cultuurzomer Maastricht (Maastricht Summer of Culture). The perfect opportunity to taste the unique range of international flavours offered by Maastricht & Euregio, candidate European Capital of Culture 2018.

For an overview of all the cultural activities: