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Side Program 1 - 9 June 2013


side program FASHIONCLASH Maastricht SIDE PROGRAM JUNE 1 - JUNE 9 2013 

Pop-up stores, designers in stores, exhibitions, installations, workshops & readings

FASHIONCLASH Maastricht 2013 Side Program is a diverse selection of events throughout Maastricht. The program offers something for everyone and most of the program is accessible for free. Side Program includes designers in stores presentations, window display installations, workshops, readings, exhibitions and for all fashionista's there are several Pop-Up stores where one can find unique fashion, accessories and jewellery.



Pop Up Stores

FASHIONCLASH FEE Pop-Up Store at Entre Deux Spilstraat

Designers: Branko Popovic, Chrissie Pepels, DAMN, D.AN.D Infinite, Danielle Vroemen Jewellery Design, Deniece Clermonts, DIORALOP by Andreja Bistricic & Maja Merlic, Ebby Port, Ellen Lloyd, Esther Boskaljon, ikkai Gerda Postma, Jivika Biervliet, Juliette Bogers, Julie Menuge, Lena Berens, Lien Hereijgers, Marko Marosiuk, MILIUS Milan Stamenovic, Nawie Kuiper, Nieuwe Meuk, petra ptáčková, Pierre Antoine Vettorello, Renske Versluijs, STRIKKS, Studio Andreea Mandrescu Ltd., SQUAT collective, Tata Christiane, Tina Ailee Au, TITI & THE GERMAN KID

Studio Manufactura Pop-Up Store at Entre Deux Spilstraat

FASHIONCLASH & de Bijenkorf Pop-Up Store at de Bijenkorf Achter het Vleeshuis 26

designers: Tom Van der Borght, Pierre Antoine Vettorello, Black Balloon

Talent ABKM Pop-Up Store Havenstraat 14

STRIKKS Pop-Up Store Havenstraat 16

GANG STORE at Mosae Forum Mosae Forum

Winkeldochters LIVE June 1 + 2 Rechtstraat 79

Stores (designers in stores)

DAMN and Jivika Biervliet at Hot Kitchen Mens Boutique Rechtstraat 65a

Ingo Binder Store/Studio Rechtstraat 89

Suzy Glam Eyewear by Susanne Klemm at Siefers Opticum Stokstraat 22

ESTHERBOSKALJON at Stylesuite Stokstraat 35


Book launch ‘Pride & Glory’ by DAAB June 6 at 5 pm at Selexyz Dominicanen Dominicanerkerkstraat 1

Installation Jolijn Pasmans, textile installation at Antoine Coiffeur Créateur Stokstraat 21

Installation by TITI + THE GERMAN KID the Glass container Kesselskade

Film & Fashion installation: “VerWeven”, by Nina Willems at Centre Céramique Avenue Céramique 50

Linda Maissan in cooperation with JAS/MV: digitally printed collages on glazed porcelain at Conflict Minckelersstraat 14

FASHIONCLASH Brazil documentary at Lumière Film Theatre Bogaardenstraat 40 (invitation only event)

Superhumans by dCreations at Chaussures Mondiales Maastrichter Brugstraat 7


Modemuseum Hasselt ‘Axelle Red - Fashion Victim’ June 1 + 2 Gasthuisstraat 11 - Hasselt BE Entrance € 5 instead of € 7 when presented when presented this flyer

Exposition FASHIOCLASH @ MUSEUM AAN HET VRIJTHOF June 5 — September 8 Vrijthof 18

On 5 June Museum aan het Vrijthof will be launching a new, high-profile exposition in collaboration with FASHIONCLASH: ‘FASHIONCLASH @ MUSEUM AAN HET VRIJTHOF'

In the five years since its founding, FASHIONCLASH Maastricht has grown into an international and interdisciplinary event, where up-and-coming designers from different fields get the chance to present their work. To celebrate this, FASHIONCLASH was asked by the Museum aan het Vrijthof to exhibit highlights the past few years. One can see work from projects like the Clash Project, FASHIONCLASH Fashion Procession 2011 and work of designer Femke Agema.

Museum aan het Vrijthof has also offered young designers a stage to present their designs and has challenged them to engage with 500 years Made in Maastricht. Five designers from the Meuse–Rhine Euregion were given the assignment to create new pieces inspired by the museum’s various rooms: Ann Boogaerts, Bregje Cox, Gabriel Guevara, Ingo Binder and Joelle Boers.

5 Years of FASHIONCLASH Projects overview exhibition:

  • FASHIONCLASH Fashion Procession in collaboration with Heiligdomsvaart Maastricht
  • Maastrichtse Componisten / Soirée Artistique: Annemarije van Harten, Anya Liesnik, Saba Tark
  • 5 years of FASHIONCLASH Maastricht: Femke Agema and Clash Project

Readings and Workshops

Entre Deux fashion workshops: model casting / make-up advice / color advice / ‘making bags’ in cooperation with Kumulus

Readings about fashion and accessories at ABKM - June 3, 8 pm - June 4, 8 pm

- June 6, 8 pm

* ABKM students free entrance / students € 5 / non-students € 7,50

Sidedish event by Blacklabel at Withuishof (June 1 — invitation only)

Readings and workshop by SPIJKERS EN SPIJKERS, Marin Licina and professional advice by Carita Sutherland

Showroom presentations by labels Arma Cutis, Ingo Binder, Tessa Wagenvoort, Jivika Biervliet, Noir Near Future, Aïcha Gerards, the fORS, Vanessa Morin and ABKM fashion and jewellery students