Museumnacht Maastricht 2018


Dominicanen & FASHIONCLASH present Club Lucky 13 by DIDI x TIA x COLLECTIVE 12 Join our Club Lucky 13! On Friday April 13 The stunning Dominicanen Bookshop will be transformed into a real club with 13 as the lucky number. Enjoy a four-hour musical performance that changes every minute and features four spectacular highlights. Come inside, cast off your bad luck, and soak up the happiness! If you're feeling lucky, give the roulette table a go at Holland Casino Valkenburg!

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DIDI x TIA Listen to the first try-outs for a performance by Diederik Kreike with The Imperial Armpits. In an attempt to blur the boundaries between theatre and performance, the group invites you to experience their world first-hand. Club Lucky 13 and other artists will present a crossover between fashion, song, dance, theatre, and performance.

The Dominicanen Bookshop will be transformed into a club with a 'door bitch', a bouncer, DJs, and a dance floor. A main act will perform on the balcony every hour, including Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe and Hendrik Kegels.

During Museum Night, visitors can also enjoy video projections by Mees Walter. Fashion will be front and centre stage at Club Lucky 13! Students from the Maastricht Academy of Performing Arts will showcase the work of fashion students from MAFAD.

à Performance 8:13 PM / 9:13 PM / 10:13 PM / 11:13 PM

Collective 12 A design collective consisting of twelve students in their final year of MAFAD. Their work consists of fashion, jewellery, and textiles. During Museum Night Maastricht, they will draw attention to their crowdfunding campaign set up in collaboration with to raise money for a show during FASHIONCLASH Festival 2018.



Bookshop Dominicanen, Dominicaner- kerkstraat 1 Discover thousands of books in a heavenly ambiance. This stunning bookshop can be found in a beautiful 700-year-old former church. The bookshop was proclaimed by the Guardian newspaper as ‘possibly the most beautiful bookshop of all time’ and ‘a bookshop made in heaven’. It offers the most complete and varied range of books in Maastricht. Hosting around 150 activities a year, including exhibitions, there is always something to see and enjoy. In the former sanctuary, you can enjoy a delicious cappuccino at Coffeelovers and cast your eye over the centuries-old frescos.

Clash Project #9 at FASHIONCLASH Festival 2017


CLASH PROJECT Fashion By Non-Fashion Designers

Since the beginning of FASHIONCLASH Festival in 2009, Clash Project has been one of the highlights of FASHIONCLASH Festival. The Clash project each year invites 10 young artists and designers to translate their work into a wearable piece for the catwalk. To the 10 participants from different art and design disciplines (all non-fashion designers), Clash project is an invitation to come out of the comfort zone, to play and to experiment. The project marks the core concept of FASHIONCLASH – ‘connecting talent, disciplines, visions and cultures through fashion’. The outcome is always refreshing, unexpected, captivating and trendsetting.


  • Amy Whittle interaction designer
  • Aina Seerden designer
  • Emma Wessel designer
  • Kiki Goossen artist
  • Gaétan Bobichon product designer
  • Alice Schiavone graphic designer
  • Giovanni Palmieri photographer
  • Nina Willems theatre performer
  • Mandy Roos & Victoria Ledig (shoes by Chris van den Elzen) designers
  • Daniel van Hauten -film maker

Photo shoot credits

Curation and art direction: FASHIONCLASH Project assisitant: Aim Wagemans Photography: Sem Shayne Hair: Sigrid Eiting at KEVIN.MURPHY Make-Up: Dominique Cordaro Models: Isabella Provaas, Stephane Mana, Michelle Pennings, Timo Miesen, Dion Savelkoul, Lizanne Damstra

Catwalk photography: Team Peter Stigter

Opening Forza Fashion House & FCF 2017


Opening FASHIONCLASH Festival & Forza Fashion House The opening of the festival took place on Thursday 29 June 2017 at the Forza Fashion House in the LAB Building/Het Radium. The Forza Fashion House will be the new breeding ground for creative, cultural and entrepreneurial Maastricht and also the new FASHIONCLASH office. Directed by theatre makers Joost Horward and Nina Willems the evening contained interdisciplinary performances and installations by students from MAFAD and Maastricht Academy of Performing Arts.

Participants Students MAFAD: Ashley Luypaers, Max Niereisel, María Voth Velasco, Michelle Cornelissen, Dana Lipka, Julina Bezold, Natalia Rumiantseva, Empar Juanes Sanchis Students the Maastricht Academy of Performing Arts: Anthony van Gog, Nora Ramakers, Diederik Kreike, Izak Berman, Luca Meisters, Anna Luca da Silva, Maarten Heijnens, Caro Derkx, Mees Walter, Maxime Dreesen, Anoek Oostermeijer

Additional performances and installations: Mario Leko, Daan Couzijn, Mona Steinhaeusser

Fashionclash Festival 2017 SHOW 6 - CLASH Project #9th

Show 6: Zarvich - Joao Oliveira - Neo design by Nevana Ivanovic - RITA AFONSO - MICHAEL CAPKOVA - CLASH Project #9: Amy Whittle - Aina Seerden - Emma Wessel - Kiki Goossen - Gaétan Bobichon - Alice Schiavone - Giovanni Palmieri - Nina Willems - Mandy Roos & Victoria Ledig (shoes by Chris van den Elzen)  - Daniel van Hauten - WeDoVodoo