Fashion My Religion! Fashion Talk


FASHIONCLASH Festival 2018 & MIND FASHION.TODAY presents: The Fashion Dialogue:a CLASH of VALUES

Join us and our internationally-renowned guests José Teunissen, Adam Peacock, Dai Rees, Ben Wubs, Mariangela Lavanga, Maaike de Haardt and Susanne Vegter during a unique conversation about the current and future role that fashion plays in individuals' lives, our society and today's economy.

Sunday 17 June 2018 | 2:00 - 3:30 PM Location: LAB-gebouw, Lage Frontweg 2c Free accessible, registration necessary.

2:00 PM Introduction 2:05 PM Fashion My Religion: Maaike de Haardt 2:15 PM The Validation Junky: Adam Peacock 2:25 PM The Clash of Values: José Teunissen, Adam Peacock, Dai Rees, Ben Wubs, Mariangela Lavanga & Maaike de Haardt. Moderator: Susanne Vegter 3:00 PM Time for Questions 3:30 PM End More info & registration:


Scepticism and optimism intermingle in our communication and social interactions with each other and the surrounding world. Boundaries between technology and human experience are blurring, and there is no longer a one-size-fits-all approach to understand or predict why and how people act, believe or dress the way they do. Within this complex and transforming world it seems more pertinent than ever that fashion is placed in a context that forces you to question its true value. Therefore, The Fashion Dialogue will challenge, cross, connect and rewrite borders, systems, disciplines, definitions and beliefs in order to reveal a Fashion DNA that is made out of more than threads of fabrics.

The conversation aims to address that fashion exists beyond static garments, catwalks, labels, stores and closets. It offers the stage to a multiple-disciplinary [re]framework and voice for fashion by opening up a dialogue between experts in - among others - Design, Cultural Economics, Arts, Religion, Business History, Higher Education, and the Fashion Industry,.. and YOU!


Prior to the panel discussion, Prof. Maaike de Haardt will put the spotlight on the interaction between religion, culture and gender, addressing to what extent religious or spiritual motives, questions and dimensions can be recognised in human activities and forms of expression (from cooking to fashion).

Designer Adam Peacock will elaborate more on his vision behind The Validation Junky, an experimental lens upon the complexities of contemporary digital consumer culture, underlining also that it is possible to design products and services within a commercial realm that celebrate identity, not diminish it.

Take part in The Fashion Dialogue on Sunday 17 June 2018 and discuss together with us the values behind the clothes we design, produce, wear and dispose of. Make sure you register on time as there are limited seats available!