Performances - FASHIONCLASH Festival 2018


FASHIONCLASH Festival is known for the thrilling cross-overs with theatre and dance. Fashion My Religion! presents 15 performances by promising theatre, dance and scenography artists. Next to professionals young theatremakers, several talented students from Maastricht Academy of the Performing Arts will present their performances during the festival.

Entrance Most performances will take part in The Route and are accessible for free (full-is-full!). Several perforances will take place during The Show program on June 16.

AKATAK Inspired by the theme, Studio AKATAK will create a concept for the space, scenography, video projections and performances. Concept: Lotte Milder, Karlijn Milder, Mats Logen & Scott Robin Jun Scenography: Scott Robin Jun & Lotte Milder Video projections: Mats Logen & Karlijn Milder Lighting Design: Karlijn Milder & Scott Robin Jun Sound design: Matijs Guypen Performers: Wies Berkhout, Anthony van Gog, Scott Robin Jun & Lotte Milder AKAKAK is supported by VIA ZUID.

1. Research presentation of the project: “Dialogue between Fashion and Death: Redesigning the Fashion Narrative” By Nina Willems

Mosae Forum Address: Mosae Forum 163 - Saturday, June 16, 15:15-16:00 - Sunday, June 17, 15:15-16:00 Free entrance, full-is-full!

Fashion helps us to express ourselves, it is a way of sharing our identity. However, in the age of “fast fashion”, it tells another story as well. A story of exploitation, pollution and corruption. How do we relate to that part of the story, and to the fact that we wear it on our skin daily? If Fashion could speak, how would she relate to it? What is her view on the world and on us? In this edition of FASHIONCLASH, theatre performer Nina Willems presents her first research for the project “Dialogue between Fashion and Death”, in the form of a short performance. An attempt to trace and change the “fast fashion” mindset.

Concept and performance: Nina Willems Text: Giacomo Leopardi Design: Marlou Breuls Actor: Mathieu Wijdeven Director: Eva Line de Boer Photography: Lonneke van der Palen Special thanks to: Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie Nina Willems Web: Instagram: ninahannahwillems

2. HUNTING Nora Ramakers & Timo Tembuyser

LAB-Gebouw Address: Lage Frontweg 2C - Sunday, June 17, 16:30-17:15 Free entrance, full-is-full!

there is a woman and a man liquid nimf, singing soldier from shadows they came or light, whatever her name starts with a v but she is not venus though the resemblance is striking and she speaks:

"i'll be a park, and thou shalt be my deer; feed where thou wilt, on mountain or in dale; graze on my lips, and if those hills be dry, stray lower, where the pleasant fountains lie"

and he fights a lingual battle and thinks and sings he breaks his head on love and tears his heart to melt the sad in him and in her and he roars:

"if all the sagas, all the primal forces of history cover our actions as mellow veils that make the view cloudy the hands fluid and the hearts hungry - then what?"

HUNTING is an alternative story of creation, that takes place in a modernized Eden. In a garden that is not a garden. In a conceptualized space. This is where they meet. They are V and A. They struggle with the question how to become fleshy again, in a world full of symbols and fixed characters. Their longing to merge seems an impossible attempt. But that doesn't stop them from trying.

Concept, text & performance: Nora Ramakers & Timo Tembuyser Coaching: Joost Horward Sound design: Pjotr Lasschuit Costume design: Karlijn Krijger Image: Merel Dames Special thanks to: Marc Zwietink, Branko Popovic, Toneelacademie Maastricht HUNTING is a co-production with FASHIONCLASH & VIA ZUID Nora Ramakers & Timo Tembuyser

3. MISSA HOMO SACER Op. 35 Confiteor Deo By Timo Tembuyser

LAB-Gebouw Address: Lage Frontweg 2C Sunday, June 17, 17:45-18:15

Free entrance, full-is-full!

first i asked you

if you don't mind i'll lick the thorns out of your eyes i'll palm the pulp out of your hair and warm my hands to your inside

then i did it

MISSA HOMO SACER builds a spatial and musical landscape for a Man, roaming around, endlessly walking alone. He looks for connection and unity, prays for salvation and ecstasy, and devoutly wishes to find a sense of Self, a ray of Sun, a slice of Truth. Above all, he longs to be freed from the shadows of the Original Sin and the fleshly desire it has sown within mankind. But a Man he is, and a Man he will always remain, eternally succumbing to the deeply human desire to melt into the Other and to disappear.

In MISSA HOMO SACER, a women's choir and a violoncello player accompany a Man's way to confession and repentance, as he steps into the Light and falls back into Darkness. At the same time, they blur the lines as he tries to find the right words to describe his sins, luring him back into a world of destructive erotic rituals as he asks forgiveness for his repeatedly failing attempts to live.

Concept, text, composition, set design: Timo Tembuyser Costume design: Karlijn Krijger Performance: Lena Stallinga (voice), Hélène Vrijdag (voice), Gerty Van de Perre (voice), Petra Ball (voice), Charlotte Dommershausen (voice), Job Greuter (violoncello), Timo Tembuyser Thanks to: Romy Moons, Nelleke Kuipers, Lisse Knaapen, Bart Wolvekamp, FASHIONCLASH, Toneelacademie Maastricht

4. I AM SAD By Margreet Sweerts / Festival of Sadness

Lumière Cinema Address: Bassin 88 - Friday, June 15, 21:50-22:10

Free entrance, full-is-full!

People aren’t crying because of weakness. They cry because they’ve been strong for too long. A divers group of designers and performers is developing a space for sadness, as an antidote for the present societal pressure to be happy and UP, fueled by the need to be part of the fake digital thumbs up world. What do people need when they are sad and together in a public space? Does one feel like hiding or being noticed? Can your clothing comfort you? How do we wear sorrow? The performance ‘I AM SAD’ is a preview of the Festival of Sadness (Verdrietfestival, Festival der Traurigkeit) that will take place autumn 2018 in the Euregio Maastricht/Aken from Sept 19th – Oct 7th. This preview connects sadness with the theme of FASHIONCLASH Festival 2018 by giving The mater dolorosa (the sad mother Maria) a make-over. ‘the space of sadness’ will be a work in progress during opening hours of Lumière Performance: Christina Fischer (vocals), Michael Ramisch (keys) Anthony van Gog (host) Visuals: Saskia van Drimmelen (fashion designer), Desiree Hammen (visual artist) Tim Prins (architect) and Margreet Sweerts (director), Photo Pierre Hansen Festival of Sadness is generously supported by Provincie Limburg, Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie, Bankgiro Loterij Fonds

5. In our fountain By Koen Verheijden, Kimberly Afua Agyarko & Roann Postma

Mosae Forum Address: Mosae Forum 163 - Friday, June 15, 16:30-17:00 - Sunday, June 17, 13:00-13:30 Free entrance, full-is-full!

"I know a place I know a place I know a place where we, we, we, we and even you Miss with the pretty lips want to be, be, be, be" ---------------------------------- A performance about a place where there is room for much more. Made and played by: Koen Verheijden, Kimberly Afua Agyarko en Roann Postma Costumes: Julina Vanille Bezold

6. The Joker By Anthony van Gog

The Student Hotel (Skybar) Address: Sphinxcour 9A - Saturday, June 16, 11:00-11:45

Free entrance, full-is-full!

"I'm just a joker telling you the laugh is extinct." A joker is sad because he is no longer necessary in his kingdom. No one laughs about his jokes anymore. The only thing left for him to do is crying. Sad Joker! A lament about desolation, isolation and alienation. A soundful performance in which the cry/the weep is deconstructed and packed in aesthetic forms and theatrical poses.

Thanks to Peter Missotten, Marc Zwietink, Naomi Steijger, Anna Luka da Silva, Maarten Heijnens and Luca Meisters.

Instagram: anthonyvangog

7. A First Vision Of Dying By Anthony van Gog

The Student Hotel (Skybar) Address: Sphinxcour 9A - Saturday, June 16, 16:45

Free entrance, full-is-full!

A theatrical installation in which you walk into an interspace between living and dying. The installation results from a dream. A dream in which I died. This made me think about dreaming and dying and their connection. It's a conversation between hope and desire; living and dying; the outside world and I; you and that point in which you will no longer be around anymore. Come and let ourselves dive into this limbo, this realm of nothingness, this space of reflection, this throat grabbing silence. I will be there in total stillness, waiting for you.

Thanks to Anna Luyten for the review on the texts and Peter Missotten for his helpful words.

8. THIS IS and that is. And a bit of this and al lot of that " film/installation by Luca Tichelman

Film / installation

Huis achter de Komedie Address: Achter de komedie 1 - Saturday, June 16, 12:15-12:30 | 17:15-17:30 - Sunday, June 17, 12:00 - 12:15 | 12:35 - 12:50

Free entrance, full-is-full!

"It's like everyone tells a story about themselves inside their own head. Always. All the time. That story makes you what you are. We build ourselves out of that story." Patrick Rothfuss 'THIS IS' is a performance that plays with the beliefs concerning 'identity', a research into the intriguing differences of 'being' and its essence.

In association with Chiara Tichelman Sound: Dikkie Baan Web: Instagram: lucatichelman Thanks to support of: Brand Cultuurfonds Limburg

9. Aan de andere kant By Evalinde Lammers & Kimberly Afua Agyarko

Centre Céramique Address: Avenue Ceramique 50 - Saturday, June 16, 13:00-13:25

Free entrance, full-is-full!

Can I ask you something? Can you see these clouds?

Two girls standing by a lake believing different things (or nothing?) Trying to understand each other. Trying to believe each other. Trying to stand while everything is turning. We've been living the same life in a different way. We've been wondering about the other way. Can I ask you something? Can you see this reflection?

Instagram: kimberleyagyarko | evalindelammers Mail: |

10. ORACLES By Anna Luka Da Silva and Erik van de Wijdeven

LAB-Gebouw Address: Lage Frontweg 2C - Sunday, June 17, 12:30-13:30 Free entrance, full-is-full!

Anna Luka and Erik befriended each other at the Performance department of the theatre academy in Maastricht. Together they have created 'ORACLES':

A visual and physical performance about self-realization and spiritual escapism. A seemingly soapy one-man dialogue is situated precisely in an intricate light installation in an effort to sketch a surreal universe of banal absurdism and supernatural overtones.

Their mutual starting point is the body as a source of experience and knowledge, and cultures, traditions and belief-systems that ascribe it exceptional meanings.

A theatrical self-portrait as a lyrical homage to the (im)possibilities of personal growth, and the exotic means for it which are continually gaining popularity within our society.

An incarnated caricature of two highly sensitive hipsters.

Concept & text: Anna Luka da Silva & Erik van de Wijdeven Performed by: Erik van de Wijdeven Directed by: Anna Luka da Silva Scenography: Erik van de Wijdeven Many thanks to: United-C Eindhoven, De school van Gaasbeek, Hugo de Greef, Anna Luyten, Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe, Maxime Dreessen, Anthony van Gogh and Timo Tembuyser.

Web: |

11. Day Dream Space By Audrey Apers and Tim Scheffer

Centre Céramique Address: Avenue Ceramique 50 - Friday, June 15th – Sunday, June 17, during opening hours of Centre Céramique

Free entrance, full-is-full!

“We love things we cannot fully grasp. We believe in our human desire for fantasy as a temporary retreat from reality." This statement is used as a base in the creation of Day Dream Space, a project by Audrey Apers and Tim Scheffer. They are curious about the human activity of "daydreaming" and are translating this theme into an experience. The installation performance will evolve during a continuous creative research. Audrey Apers, as a performer and maker, and Tim Scheffer, as an installation designer will collaborate during this process and be in constant dialogue with each other in order to create. FASHIONCLASH will be an event in which they will use a prototype space to submerge visitors into their creation, which will help to develop the eventual space and performance. They are exploring the border between indoor and outdoor, and meeting people in a closed but porous space, inhabited by the performer.

Web: Instagram: day_dream_space Day Dream Space is co-produced by VIA ZUID, Zomerparkfeest Be, SALLY Dansgezelschap Maastricht

10. LUX SALLY Dansgezelschap Maastricht / Martin Harriague & Mieke Kockelkorn

De Brandweerkantine Address: Capucijnenstraat 21

- Friday, June 15, 16:00-16:30 - Saturday, June 16, 12:30-13:00 - Sunday, June 17, 13:30-14:00 + 15:30-16:00 + 18:45-19:15

Free entrance, full-is-full!

SALLY Dansgezelschap Maastricht presents LUX, a choreography by Martin Harriague in collaboration with Maastricht based fashion designer Mieke Kockelkorn. LUX, illuminance, draws its inspiration from the written word within religion. Nowadays in our individualistic society everyone chooses their own personal collection of words and symbols to represent who they are. They reflect their essential values for life, which surpass the boundaries of a religion. But do they illuminate who we really are?

LUX combines solos, duos and ensembles in an instinctive, abstract but meaningful dance, that is both sensual and exciting.

Choreography: Martin Harriague | Costumes: Mieke Kockelkorn | Performed by: Patrizio Bucci, Luis R. Pedraza Cedrón, Lea Giamattei, Pedro Ricardo Henry and Amy Greene | Production: SALLY Dansgezelschap Maastricht

Web: Instagram: sallydansgezelschapmaastricht

Design New Religion Project #1 June 16, SAM-Decorfabriek

Address: Meerssenerweg 215 - Saturday, June 16, 19:00-02:30


Design New Religion is a project, specially initiated for FASHIONCLASH Festival Two theatre makers are each connected to a fashion designer. Both duo’s have met for the very first time. They have been invited to talk about their fascinations, ideas and visions on the theme of Fashion My Religion!.

13. Noumenon By Mami Izumi and Jivika Biervliet

‘Noumenon’ is the first collaboration between Fashion designer Jivika Biervliet and Dancer Mami Izumi. We have faced the theme of the festival as the life research. The word ‘religion’ brought the idea of believe in understanding the way of life. Life is an endless transformation and the search within. And what we feel is our reality and what brings you happiness is very personal. What we see in reality is what we believe in, the believing comes from your inner self; knowing your truth, standing for it and living that. Turn inside. Recognize and express that which is exciting, standing for it and living that.

This performance will be a translation of the search within, The search for a meaning of life as a journey that is never staying in the same form.

Jivika Biervliet & Mami Izumi

Web: | Instagram: jivikabiervliet | mami8383 Photos: Jonas Löllmann

Design New Religion Project #2 June 16, SAM-Decorfabriek

14. RELIC By Nora Ramakers and Johanna Hehemeyer-Cürten

first i thought my holy trinity so different from yours but in essence they’re the same

In RELIC three performers aim to redefine the meaning of homooúsion, which in Christian theology pertains to the believe that one entity is three consubstantial persons. In RELIC this believe is held up high. Yet, the performers welcome it solely as a godless religion, dedicating their movements to nothing more than each other.

Concept & performance: Nora Ramakers Designer: jJohanna Hehemeyer-Cürten