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11th edition FASHIONCLASH Festival

1 – 3 November

The 11-year anniversary edition of the international and interdisciplinary FASHIONCLASH Festival. During the three-day festival more than 100 promising designers, (performing) artists  will present their work.

The program contains: The ROUTE: an inspiring walk along expositions, lectures, theatre- and dance performances and talks. The SHOW program takes place on Friday and Saturday night, a spectacular evening where talents of the future will take the stage at the SAM-Decorfabriek. On Sunday November 3, designers, experts, professionals and press will have a chance to meet and discuss about the current state of fashion during The Community Day.

Entrance & tickets FASHIONCLASH Festival is accessible for everyone and is mostly free of entrance, with the exception of the fashion shows on Friday and Saturday November 1 + 2. Ticketsale will start October 1st.

Note! Please note that for several events there are limited places. Make sure you register on time! This is the case for most of the performances in The Route.

The Shows:

The Route:


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Address: Meerssenerweg 215

Opening hours
Friday, 1 November, 19:00-00:00
Saturday, 2 November, 18:15-02:30

Exhibitions + Performances
1 + 2 November
> Fashion Makes Sense Award 2019: Vote here
> Dress to Protest Installation

> Dress to Protest Opening, 1 November, 19:15-19:30
> Hendrik Kegels, 2 November, 21:35-22:05

Shows Friday, 1 November
> NextGen, 20:00-20:45
> Clash, 22:00-22:45

Shows Saturday, 2 November
> BODY ALUMNI, 19:15-20:00
> NextLevel, 20:45-21:30
> Partners & Awards, 22:15-23:00

Afterparty, 2 November
DJ Phil Phader, 23:30-02:30

4.The Student Hotel

Address: Sphinxcour 9A

New Fashion Narratives Exhibition
1-3 November, open 24/7, free entrance
> Laura Snijders

Individual shows
> HENKJENZ presentation
Sunday, 3 November, 14:00 + 15:00 free entrance
> ebby port presentation
Sunday, 3 November, 15:00-16:00 free entrance


Address: Herbennusstraat 89

House of Confetti by Irene Heldens + Dario Tortorelli
Saturday, 2 November, 15:00
€10 entrance


10.Jan van Eyck

Address: Academieplein 1

Taskforce Fashion Exhibiton
3 November, 12:00 -17:00

Exhibition is open until 6 November
09:00 - 17:00, free entrance
more info:

2.Lumière Cinema

Address: Bassin 88, Maastricht

Class of 2019 Exhibition
1 -3 November, 11:00-01:00
Free entrance

Fashion Talk; Fashion & Politics
2 November, 14:00-15:30
English, €5 entrance

Class of 2019 Talk
2 November, 16:00-17:00
English, €3,50 entrance


5.De Brandweer

Address: Capucijnenstraat 21

JOIN Collective Clothes Workshop
Friday, 1 November, 11:00-16:30
register via


8.De Bijenkorf

Address: Achter het Vleeshuis 26

Showpieces Exhibition
28 October - 3 November
free entrance
Opening hours of De Bijenkorf Maastricht



Address: Petrus Regoutplein 1
(entrance Eiffel Zuid)

Design & Craft Market / exhibition by local designers
2 + 3 November, 10:00 - 18:00
free entrance
more info:

3.Bureau Europa

Address: Boschstraat 9, Maastricht

New Fashion Narratives Exhibition
17 October -3 November, Wednesday till Sunday, 12:00-17:00

€5 Entrance / students €3 / free with Dutch National Museum Card / free during FCF 2019

*Note: New Fashion Narratives Opening + Talk
17 October - info + tickets



Address: Capucijnenstraat 98

Performance House
A program with several theatre
/ dance performances
1-3 November

Free entrance, but limited space
Click here for info + tickets


9.Mosae Forum

Address: Mosae Forum 163

Peut Porter Exhibition
1-2-3 November 2019 / Mosae Forum / Friday: 13:00h - 17:00h, Saturday: 10:00h - 17:00h, Sunday: 12:00h - 16:00h / Free entrance


12.Cube Design Museum

Address: Museumplein 2, Kerkrade

Fashion Makes Sense Award 2019 exhibition
28 September - 20 January 2020
free entrance
More info about FMSA 2019: click here

The Shows


Outspoken and innovative young designers who graduated no more than three years ago. 

Friday 1 November / 20:00 h / SAM-Decorfabriek



  • Berend Brus

  • Bruna Ignatowska


  • Chiara Scocco

  • Roos Boshart Prins

  • Marie Lamberechts


  • Roos Boshart Prins


In this Show block proven fashion talents who graduated for at least three years ago, will be showing their latest collections. These talents have already proven themselves as up and coming designers and are ready to take the next step in their career.

Saturday 2 November / 20:45 h / SAM-Decorfabriek



  • Fabio Bigondi


  • Haesung Bong

  • Maarten van Mulken

  • Rebecca Carrington

  • TEUN


Designers and artists who show fashion as art and/or question the boundaries of fashion. For example, by experimenting with shapes and form or by presenting their work in an innovative way. In this block, FC will present projects specifically initiated for the Festival, such as the iconic CLASH Project.   

Friday 1 November / 22:00 h / SAM-Decorfabriek



  • Carlijn Veurink

  • Courtney Makins

  • Filip Vujović

  • Hanneke & Tosca

  • Sarah Ama Duah

  • TVDB

  • CLASH Project


BODY ALUMNI is a group of individual designers that recently graduated from the Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts & Design (MAFAD). Their approach is to examine the in-betweens of the human body, fashion, material and the environment. As their education allowed an in-depth research for fields like history, identity, social & political issues and philosophy, the outcomes are just as offbeat as the young designers themselves. All the individual works of this small group, visually as different as possible, deal with the same themes at the end of the day: They are operating between abyss and luxury, culture and identity, body and mind; Continuously questioning the role of the designer in today’s times.

Saturday 2 November / 19:15 h / SAM-Decorfabriek


  • Ashley Luypaers

  • Jolieke Kessels


  • Max Niereisel

  • Michelle Cornelissen

  • wholina

  • Natalia Rumiantseva (expo)

Partners & Awards

A showcase of designers who have won their participation in the FASHIONCLASH Festival in cooperation with (inter)national partners, such as ModaLisboa and Kunstbende. Participants of The Show program (with exception of the Partner & Awards show participants) will be automatically nominated for the FASHIONCLASH Festival Talent Award, the jury prize with a value of €1500 and the audience award per show block, a prize worth €500 each. The award ceremony will take place at the end of this show. 

Partners & Awards Show: Saturday 2 November / 22:15 h / SAM-Decorfabriek

Afterparty: Saturday 2 November / 23:00 – 02:30 h / SAM-Decorfabriek


  • Carolina Raquel - ModaLisboa

  • Klaskie - Kunstbende

  • Mina Cvetinović - Serbia Fashion Week

  • Natalie Dufková - Czech Center

  • Fantasio, Opera Zuid

    with live performance by sporan Kristina Bitenc

    Costumes by designers: Ferry Schiffelers, Teun Seuren, Dusty Thomas, Maarten Van Mulken

The Route

During the festival you can visit and experience multiple activities and events within The Route program at various locations in the town. The program consists of exhibitions, performances, talks and workshops and is largely free and accessible to a wide audience.


Showpieces is a multidisciplinary exhibition that consists of showpieces, or statement pieces of the collections that best represent the signature and content of the designers involved. 

These works are presented in an exhibition at de Bijenkorf Maastricht from Monday 28 October to Sunday 3 November.

28 October – 3 November / de Bijenkorf / Free entrance


  • Jose Alejandro Jamillo Naranjo

  • Lina Gómez Alzate

  • Mariana Zapata Zapata

  • Marie Lamberechts

  • Melissa Valdes

  • Natascha Wanvestraut

  • Sophie Wantia

  • Almamoun Benmira

  • Anelia Antova



  • Hiske Hottinga

  • Jimmy Junichi SUGIURA

  • Jo Cope


Marres Performance House

The whole of Marres "House for Contemporary Culture" will be transformed into a Performance House during the festival. Here you can enjoy various crossover performances by young theater makers and students from the Toneelacademie Maastricht. 

1-2-3 November, Opening hours Marres: Click here


Anthony van Gog

Anthony van Gog is a graduating performance artist from the Maastricht Institute of Performative Arts. His performances organize a clever tension between melancholy and physical intimacy. These performances are emotionally dangerous and comforting at the same time. This combined action of fear and security results in a modern sublimity in which the audience is send back in to the world confused; their meaning is carefully layered and never obvious.

Iris Otten

For Iris Otten, fashion is a performance art where movements of the body and textile unite. She works with different disciplines, with a focus on film, fashion and performance. She experiments with the body and translates this into a visual research. Behavioral symptoms offer her an endless source for experiment that expresses itself in an uncomfortable feeling.

Marthe Koning en Lieke van der Vegt

EYE YE FRY welcomes you into a small mesmerizing world. This interactive, continuous performance beholds an intimate, eye to eye encounter. After you have entered, fiction and reality appear not to be as distinct as you know them. What happens when the two worlds collide? Performers Lieke van der Vegt and Marthe Koning invite you to balance the fragility of the surreal by just looking.

Wieke van Rosmalen

In 2017 Wieke van Rosmalen (1996) suddenly made an EP: VICA. It was through VICA that she re-encountered her long lost love for music. She creates sounds that hurt your ears a little and compositions you only start to understand once you’re long done listening.


ORLANDO is a research project based on the novel by Virginia Woolf. The second year Directing students of the Toneelacademie Maastricht are invited to explore the topics of transformation, gender and identity in the context of fashion design. The project will result in a group presentation containing several small individual performances.

Orlando is an educational project coordinated and guided by Joost Horward (Toneelacademie Maastricht/Karmijnrood Podiumkunst) and Branko Popovic (FASHIONCLASH). 

Princess Isatu Hassan Bangura

I am interested in the worlds beyond and the supernatural, the multiverse and the parallel universe. I love merging fiction into reality.

What I want, is to be shown a new world, maybe a world with problems of the current one. Show me what is possible, not what already is. I aim to create performances that introduce new and unseen realities with the use of that which is real. I like dark, heavy, stormy and turbulent and at the same time I tend to stay grounded and less in the air with my creations. 


House of Confetti by Irene Heldens & Dario Tortorelli

House of Confetti produces cultural and artistic stage productions where fashion is combined with other art forms such as dance, music, poetry, photography and visual art (performance art).

The foundation originated from the need of fashion designer Irene Heldens to create a platform in which she can show new collections in an authentic way to the outer world.

Within this production house, Irene Heldens will always act as the artistic drive and guarantees quality by choosing partners that are able to translate her artistic vision into a stage production.

Saturday, 2 November / 15:00 (duration performance +- 50 min.) / Kumulus / Entrance fee € 10.00 


In A Galaxy Far Far Away by Hendrik Kegels

Hendrik Kegels bundled the lyrics to all of David Bowie’s 269 songs and turned it into his own personal bible. He read them, analysed them and, together with musician Frederik de Clercq, mashed them up into a symphonic opera somewhere between spoken word and a semi-anecdotal song lyric. In this dreamlike transformation, Hendrik Kegels reveals the desire to exceed our physical and mental boundaries. During the performance, the audience is taken on a night-time space-trip. A journey full of planets and stars, given shape by a whirlwind of words, synths and beats.

 Saturday, 2 November / 21:30 / SAM-Decorfabriek / Free entrance


New Fashion Narratives at Bureau Europa

The fashion designers that shape this exhibition see fashion as a mission. They belong to a generation of designers who explore the boundaries of their discipline and question the system and the fashion industry. With their works, they operate in the transdisciplinary domains of fashion, social design, visual arts and they always work with the final user/consumer. This way, they introduce contemporary themes such as inclusiveness, gender, consumption and thus new narratives for fashion.

Opening + Fashion Talk: 17 October / 16:30 - 20:00 / Bureau Europa
On Thursday 17 October, New Fashion Narratives will be officially opened with the Fashion Talk: New Business Models. The speakers are fashion designers who know how to combine their artistic skills with entrepreneurship and thus introduce new sustainable business models for fashion.
Speakers: Cédric Vanhoeck (Resortecs), Flora Miranda, Lidewij van Twillert, Amber Jae Slooten/The Fabricant
Moderator: Saskia van Stein

New Fashion Narratives: Exposition / 17 October – 3 November, open on Wednesday till Sunday / 12:00 - 17:00 / Bureau Europa


  • Gino Anthonisse

  • Janna Wieringa

  • Linda Valkeman + Carmen Hogg

  • Lisa Konno

  • NOIJ

  • The Fabricant

  • Anouk van Klaveren

  • As of Nū

  • Christa van der Meer

  • Dewi Bekker

  • Esra Copur

  • Gabriel Fontana


Peut Porter at Mosae Forum

London-based design collective Peut-Porter will present W&S19, a collection of t-shirts and artefacts that will be part exhibition part interactive Augmented Reality trail. Visitors will experience augmented objects that reveal hidden messages responding to the topics of urban/digital camouflaging, post-digital fashion and the future of design. Critically investigating body politics and technology through the use of garments and Mixed Reality experiences, W&S19 is a comment on emerging digital landscapes and behaviors and the individual’s part in it.

1-2-3 November 2019 / Mosae Forum / Friday: 13:00h - 17:00h, Saturday: 10:00h - 17:00h, Sunday: 12:00h - 16:00h / Free entrance


The New Fashion Narratives at The Student Hotel

The beating heart of The Route can be found at the Sphinxkwartier, the newest hotspot in Maastricht, which will be renamed ‘The New Fashion Narratives @ Sphinxkwartier’ for the FASHIONCLASH Festival. This includes the 'Class of 2019' exhibition at Lumière Cinema, presentations of designers ebby port and HENKJENZ (3 November) and masterclasses at The Student Hotel and the 'The New Fashion Narratives' exhibition at Bureau Europa. 


People always want more, more and more. We measure our happiness with the amount of wealth we possess. We think we can achieve an improved version of ourselves by collecting more items. It will never be enough. But when does this end? Does it even have an end? 

In our film the clothing has the leading effect on the character. The desire for wanting more made the character dependent on the clothing. It has lost its function to think, making it a puppet in the grasps of the clothing. 

1 – 3 November / open 24/7 / The Student Hotel / Free entrance 


Laura Snijders

I start my process by making observations in society. I observe how people dress, behave and how this communicates to me. By doing this, I’m able to reflect on the fashion system itself and general logical ways of doing. In my work I try to make sense of all this chaos by making my own rules and systems, mostly by inventing a logic that is not actually logical. My work consists of practical visuals, taken out of their context, bright colors and a focus on materiality and layers.

1 – 3 November / open 24/7 / The Student Hotel / Free entrance


Class of 2019

Class of 2019 is a project that is developed specifically for the FASHIONCLASH Festival. The new festival dates (November 1-2-3) gave FASHIONCLASH the opportunity to visit all the Dutch graduation shows in the months of June / July to scout new talent. For this, FC got help from a number of scouts who were all successful former participants of FASHIONCLASH Festival.With the help of the scouts Nina Willems, Marlou Breuls and SCHUELLER DE WAAL, a selection has been made of a number of works.

These are presented in the form of an exhibition, not a "best of", but a translation of the Zeitgeist of the 2019 generation.

Class of 2019 Talk: Saturday, 2 November / Lumière Cinema / Entrance fee € 3.50

Class of 2019: Exposition / 1 - 3 November / Lumière Cinema / Free entrance


  • Michelle Vossen - Artez

  • Mika Perlmutter - Rietveld

  • Nina Dekker - KABK

  • Rosan Selles - AMFI

  • Shannen Bijkersma - AMFI

  • Bodil Ouédraogo - Rietveld

  • Chloe Severien - WDKA

  • Wholina - MAFAD

  • Kevin Pleiter - Artez

  • Lina Lau - KABK

  • Veerle Martens - HKU

Individual Shows


The world of HENKJENZ is about including everybody and about acceptance. One-size-clothing of Dutch design. Designed in Rotterdam and made in Holland.

HENKJENZ: Presentation / Sunday, 3 November / 14:00 + 15:00 / The Student Hotel / Free entrance


ebby port

ebby port is an independent Dutch womenswear brand. 

As a designer willing to empower woman, it is important for Ebby that her customer dares to be different and feel true to herself wearing her clothes. This philosophy is reflected in Ebby’s shapes, which are unfussy, comfortable and feminine, using versatile materials and vibrant colors, which give the wearer added ease and strength.

Making items unique by adding hand-painted silkscreen prints, Ebby also approaches fashion in an artistic way; using the fabric like a canvas to express her feelings and emotions, intuitive and abstract at once.

ebby port: Presentation / Sunday, 3 November / 15:00 – 16:00 / The Commons restaurant (restaurant of The Student Hotel) / Free entrance

Workshops + Talks + Masterclasses

JOIN Collective Clothes by Anouk Beckers

JOIN Collective Clothes is a modular clothing system that invites people to create clothes together. An open source manual explains how to make the four different shapes that together create a complete outfit. Each shape can be made by someone else; everyone can JOIN.

JOIN Collective Clothes: Workshop / Friday, 1 November / 11:00 - 16:30 / De Brandweerkantine / Free registration. Register via


Fashion & Politics Talk

During the Fashion & Politics Talk there will be discussion with a number of speakers about the relationship between fashion and politics and how both influence each other. We look at current issues concerning cultural appropriation and influence of Brexit on the fashion industry.

Fashion & Politics Talk: Saturday, 2 November / 14:00 - 15:30 / Lumière Cinema / Entrance fee €5 / Language: English


  • Dr. Bibi Straatman (Director research Being Political in Art and Design and lecturer artistic methodologies)

  • Dr. M. Angela Jansen (RCDF - Research Collective for Decolonizing Fashion)

  • Presentation by i-Arts students under supervision by Nina Willems

  • Moderator: Stephanie Afrifa, curator and presenter @ C.A.S.H


Master Bed Talks

During the festival several masterclasses will be organised at The Student Hotel Maastricht. These masterclasses are organised for participants and local designers. 

Masters: Gaspard Yurkievich, Sruli Recht, Barbara Langendijk & Noon Passama x Current Obession

FASHIONCLASH Festival 2019 - Participants

With great pleasure we introduce to you all participants of FASHIONCLASH Festival 2019!

The Show




CLASH Project

  1. Arvid & Marie - Artists and tech design

  2. Bert - Multidisciplinary Artist

  3. Clara Escalera - Trend Forecast / Speculative design 

  4. Fenna van der Klei - Concept & material development

  5. Fransje Gimbrère - Applied Art & Design 

  6. Hanneke & Tosca - Product Design

  7. Igor Vrebac - Theatre / Dance

  8. Koos Breen - Graphic Design

  9. Risja Steeghs - Fine Art (sculpture, installation, performance)

  10. Siba Sahabi - Conceptual designer (products/installations)

Partners & Awards


The Route