Impact! program continues with expert talks.


On Tuesday 28 May 2019 Prof. Hans Kasper, director of Silverbrains, will give a lecture in the Cube design museum on the do's and dont's of the 50+ market. Silverbrains is a knowledge base and research agency that knows everything about the lifestyles of all types of elderly people. The lecture is part of the Impact! program, a platform for the creative industry where business, designers and education meet. The lecture starts at 8 pm (starting at 7:45 pm). Register here.

Impact! is the new platform of, for and by the Limburg and Euregional design world in which connecting, deepening and unlocking knowledge and networks in the creative industry (education, business and designers) is central. Impact! is affiliated with the Cube design museum in Kerkrade with the main theme: design for human needs. The platform consists of a number of physical meetings based on content on current topics. This can be lectures, workshops, discussions, conferences, etc. In addition, there is the digital platform,, which will be constantly evolving based on the wishes and needs of the market. 

Silverbrains was founded by Prof. Hans Kasper, Jim Krijnen and researcher Cor Pooters. The agency advises on and conducts research into the consumer behavior of older consumers: what does he / she want and does not want with new and existing products and services? what must they meet? how should a company communicate with this target group? What irritates the elderly and what opportunities does this offer for new products and services? Hans Kasper (1952) is now director of Silverbrains bv. Since September 2018, he has retired after a career in marketing science (VU University Amsterdam and Maastricht University) and the practice of applied market and policy research (SWOKA, The Hague, and Etil, Maastricht). 


About IMPACT Program 
IMPACT! is a series of activities connected with the current exhibitions in the Cube design museum where Cube wants to connect SMEs, education and the creative industry. 

In 2019 there will be a number of IMPACT! Talks take place with a separate theme each: Luxe, Nature and Aging Society. The participating speakers are close to the practice. Their projects are not only innovative and challenging, but also realistic and therefore appeal to a broad target group. 

Impact! program - soon to come 
4 June - Bio design with Studio Daarheen, Nicole Spit (introduction by Theo Ploeg) 
13 June - “Industrial Design 4.0” congress 
22 June - Conference on Design Thinking i.s.m. Maastricht Disrupt 

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Photo cover: performance by Dunja Jocic and Romy van Eijk.

In 2014, Age & The art of Ageing was the theme for the FASHIONCLASH Festival. 

In context to the theme the project (Old)Fashion(ed) was developed in cooperation with the Dutch Dance Festival.