FASHIONCLASH & Nederlandse Dansdagen 2014


FASHIONCLASH at Nederlandse Dansdagen (Dutch Dance Festival) 2014 The 17th edition of Dutch Dance Festival took place in the weekend of 3 to 5 October in Maastricht. This spectacular event is one of the highlights within the cultural calendar in Maastricht and is the most important dance event in The Netherlands, showing a best of selection of the current development in Dutch dance.

FASHIONCLASH and Dutch Dance Festival teamed up this year and developed two special projects, Distinguished Dreams and (OLD)Fashion(ed). Both projects where presented during FASHIONCLASH Festival 2014 and during the 17th edition of Dutch Dance Festival (October 2014). Distinguished Dreams project was presented in a pop-up store at Mosae Forum and (OLD)Fashion(ed) at Museum aan het Vrijthof and Toneelacademie Maastricht.

Both projects enjoyed media attention, good reviews and feedback from the audience.

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11 oldfashioned volkskrant

Distinguished Dreams

Distinguished Dreams

Distinguished Dreams



Andrea Leine








(OLD)Fashion(ed) exhibition at Museum aan het Vrijthof


(OLD)Fashion(ed)  a collaboration with FASHIONCLASH, Nederlandse Dansdagen (Dutch Dance Festival) and Museum aan het Vrijthof

Four choreographers, four fashion designers were inspired by crafts like metal shaping, papermaking, wheat weaving and syrup making. They created four danced fashion shows or four fashionable dance works, with untrained dancers between the ages of 63 and 80. The project started of with its first presentations during FASHIONCLASH Festival 2014 and followed up with success during the Dutch Dance Festival (October 3-5 2014).

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(OLD)Fashion(ed) exhibition at Museum aan het Vrijthof

At Museum aan het Vrijthof you can visit the exhibition (OLD)Fashion(ed), which had its festive opening on 21 September. The opening featured premiere of the performance 'Stroop', created by Project Sally and designer Sabine Staartjes. For this project they where connected to the craft of syrup, and in particular collaborated with Canisius company.

The exhibition runs until 16 November! More information about the exhibition:

Impressions from the exhibition -> here

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(OLD)Fashion(ed) - project by Dutch Dance Festival, Museum aan het Vrijthof & FASHIONCLASH Many older people are still proficient in a craft. They can make something with their hands – jewellery, batik, lace, baskets or glassware. Modernization and technological developments mean that many crafts are in danger of disappearing from our daily life, whereas these crafts could be a source of inspiration for fashion designers in creating new collections. For the project (OLD)Fashion(ed), FASHIONCLASH, Museum aan het Vrijthof and the Dutch Dance Festival asked (retired) craftsmen and women to share their knowledge and skills with young fashion designers. Together, they are making a collection of clothes and accessories. The fashion shows will be choreographed by Andrea Leine, Dunja Jocic, Dario Tortorelli and Ronald Wintjens, and modelled by people aged 65 and up. After the presentations during FASHIONCLASH Festival and at the Dutch Dance Festival (de Nederlandse Dansdagen) in Maastricht, the project will close with a special exhibition in Museum aan het Vrijthof in Maastricht. Besides presenting the costumes and films from the shows the exposition will feature the stories of the participating older dancers and craftsmen and women.

Pictures of (OLD)Fashion(ed) at FASHIONCLASH Festival 2014 - > pictures by Peter Stigter


(OLD)Fashion(ed) Participants

Dunja Jocic (choreographer), Romy van Eijk (designer) & Ben van Berlo (crafts man) Dario Tortorelli (choreographer), Anke Huyben (designer) & Leo Hoegen (crafts man) Andrea Leine(choreographer), Linda Friesen (designer) & Ingrid Reinhoud (crafts woman) Ronald Wintjes, Sabine Staartjes (designer) & Syrup makers craftsmen

(OLD)Fashion(ed) is inspired by the long-term European project Act Your Age, in which the Dutch Dance Festival (de Nederlandse Dansdagen) questions and broadens the dominant view of old people through dance and art. (OLD)Fashion(ed) receives financial support from the Cultural Participation Fund as part of the long-term program Lang Leve Kunst (Long Live Art). This program focuses its attention on older people (65+) and cultural participation in the Netherlands.

Special thanks to Het Nederlands Centrum voor Volkscultuur en Immaterieel Erfgoed.

Festival de Nederlandse Dansdagen Festival de Nederlandse Dansdagen is hét landelijke dansfestival dat jaarlijks in het eerste weekend van Oktober de Nederlandse dans in zijn volle breedte aan een groot publiek toont. Van urban dance, klassiek ballet tot moderne dans, toonaangevende dansgezelschappen en jonge spraakmakende choreografen van Nederlandse bodem tonen de meest bijzondere en opvallende voorstellingen van het moment. In 2014 vindt de 17e editie van het festival plaats op 3, 4 en 5 oktober.

Museum aan het Vrijthof Museum aan het Vrijthof verteld het unieke verhaal van creativiteit en ondernemerschap onder de noemer ‘500 jaar Made in Maastricht’. Het museum laat oud en nieuw samenkomen met een unieke combinatie van moderne architectuur en middeleeuwse bouwkunst. Jaarlijks wordt de vaste collectie aangevuld met exposities over Maastrichtse kunst en kunstnijverheid. (OLD)Fashion(ed) is mogelijk gemaakt met steun van het Fonds Cultuurparticipatie in het kader van het meerjarenprogramma Lang Leve Kunst. Met Lang Leve Kunst wordt aandacht gevraagd voor het thema ouderen (65+) en cultuurparticipatie in Nederland.

FASHIONCLASH Fashionclash verbindt talent, verschillende kunstdisciplines, culturen en publiek door middel van mode. Het is een internationaal en interdisciplinair platform dat zich richt op een nieuwe generatie mode ontwerpers. Jaarlijks organiseert Fashionclash een internationaal mode festival. In 2014 vindt de zesde editie van ‘FASHIONCLASH Festival’ plaats op 12 – 15 juni 2014 in Maastricht.

Choreographers and Designers

Andrea Leine studied ballet and modern dance at the Scapino Dance Academy and the Dance Academy Rotterdam. Since 1989, she has been working the choreographer Harijono Roebana in a duo. Their modern dance company LeineRoebana has occupied a prominent place in the Dutch dance world since their start in the late eighties. They have developed a unique, idiosyncratic dance idiom based on a novel approach to symmetry, rhythm and composition. The relationship between dance and music is at the heart of their work. Their musical approach ranges from renaissance to contemporary composers and mirrors their quest for authenticity. For each production, they work with renowned musicians or composers to create works in which a true symbiosis between music and movement takes place. The common denominator is the search for expressive art that challenges perception. LeineRoebana’s work has been awarded several prestigious prizes including: Cagliari (Italy), Bagnolet (France), Lucas Hoving Prize, Philip Morris Art Prize (Netherlands). LeineRoebana has performed in the Netherlands, as well as throughout Europe and in Indonesia, Canada, Tanzania, Russia, Brazil and the United States.

Dario Tortorelli is a choreographer/visual-artist currently based in The Netherlands. He develops visual and performing art projects under the name of diveinD. In 2009, he shaped the alter ego character ROMEO HEART, used as a main subject in his Shorts and Post Studies that have been exposed as solo performances, art videos and installations. His visual work develops from still images, flat as postcards where the subject unnaturally moves within the frame of a disconnected background. His stage work has been defined as minimal, dark, surreal and cinematic. In June 2013 Dario Tortorelli opened a new chapter of the Romeo Heart’s Post Studies by creating the piece “AFTER NEARLY LAND(e)scaping” for seven dancers of Conny Janssen Danst. The major goal of the artist is to offer an experience that goes beyond the traditional performance. He wants to assemble the essential elements of theatre, music, light and space in one entity with the subject(s). The strong aesthetic stage setting results in an image of immortality that transforms the performers into characters.

Dunja Jocic studied at Codarts Rotterdam Dance Academy and has been one of the leading dancers at dance company Club Guy & Roni. In 2013, she won the prestigious Swan for the most impressive dance achievement for her performance in Midnight Rising of Club Guy & Roni. The jury honoured her ‘the combination of contrasts; elegance versus raw power, seduction versus modes serenity’. She won three international prizes for her dance film Mirroring. She recently started choreographing more extensively and is following a two-year trajectory at Grand Theatre Groningen, where the performance Honderd nachten, honderd jaren (Hundred nights, hundred years) premiered last January. Her interdisciplinary work is characterised by an invigorating dynamic and accessibility.

Ronald Wintjens, together with Stefan Ernst, is the artistic director of Project Sally Maastricht that creates dance performances, educational dance projects and poetical dance movies for all generations. Wintjens has already choreographed over 30 projects. His first work dates back to 1996 after which he worked for companies, such as Galili Dance, Conny Janssen Danst, Dansgroep Amsterdam, Danshuis Station Zuid and Huis voor de Kunsten Limburg. Furthermore, Wintjens also worked as coach/assistant for Conny Janssen Danst and Galili Dance. In 2008, he launched The Moving Cinema (, an online dance movie venue, which Ballet Tanz Euope proclaimed as the best dance website. In 2009, he joined the Noord Nederlandse Dans/Studiogroep and set up a plan to stimulate and discover young dance talents.

Linda Friesen is a Maastricht based designer. She graduated from MAFAD Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts in Design in 2010. Following that, she was a finalist at the Dutch Project Catwalk in 2011. Linda Friesen has the talent to take you to a dream world with her creations. Like a fairy tale, but with a dark edge, she loves to create a mysterious atmosphere. She calls her work 'couture noir', but that not mean she only makes black clothing. No, she loves to create a mysterious atmosphere with dark, soft powder tones and deep colors.

Anke Huyben graduated from the jewellery department of MAFAD, Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts in Design in 2013. She lives and works in Rotterdam. “A piece of jewellery is a decoration of the body. Without the body it cannot exist. I study the body as a carrier of the jewellery and I take my personal obsessions and insecurities about my body as the starting point. I don't offer solutions but just seek to visualize these feelings”

Romy van Eijk, currently living in Rotterdam, graduated from WDKA Academy in 2011. She participated in FASHIONCLASH Festival in 2013. She designs clothing and costumes for theater, and owns a fashion brand 'Le gout c'est moi'. Le gout c'est moi' distinguishes itself with the high quality of its products. Characteristics of the brand are the graphic elements and fantastic colour combinations. The clothing is humoristic yet sexy and super wearable.

Sabine Staartjes graduated from HKU Academy in Utrecht in 2012 and in the same year she founded Studio Sabine Staartjes in Amsterdam. She describes herself as an Eclectic Fashion Designer. She uses contrasts and contradictions in her designs. The studio focuses on making experimental collections suitable for exhibitions and fashion shows. Sabine also works on a commission basis for various artists to create performance clothing.