VERWEVEN by theatre performer Nina Willems

Since few years FASHIONCLASH has been working with theatre performer Nina Willems. As you may remember she was the model of our 2013 festival edition campaign.

For the 2013 edition of FASHIONCLASH festival Nina created the concept for the special VERWEVEN Project. In the years to come, FASHIONCLASH will continue to collaborate with Nina Willems and realize more editions of “VERWEVEN”.

In this project, we will tell the stories of ordinary people behind the clothes they wear. We ask them to show us their wardrobe and interview them about their lives and the importance of fashion in it. This results in a series of short films about the influence of fashion on their daily lives. After that we sent each film to one designer and give him/her the challenge to create a new outfit for this person, inspired on the stories he/she tells in the film. And to create a brand new piece that tells new story. There are no rules for your design, apart from the fact that it must be wearable on the catwalk. We are open to experimental ideas and designs.

VERWEVEN 2014 designers:
Anbasja Blanken, Aniek Zinken, Charlotte Kiekebosknitt, ID - Olga van Zeijl, Wenda Harmsen

VERWEVEN is powered by co-production by: C/O netwerk voor talentontwikkeling in/vanuit Limburg More about Nina Willems:


This was VERWEVEN 2013

photography by Team Peter Stigter

Participating designers vor VERWEVEN 2013: Anouk Haegens, Brit van Nerven, Inge de Vor, Sabine Staartjes and Jolijn Pasmans