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FASHIONCLASH on the road


While we are already working in full speed on the 5ht edition of our event FASHIONCLASH Maastricht ( June 7 - 15 2013) we have not been silent. In fact we have been on the road attending events & conferences and scouting young talents.

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Fashion the City international conference at Royal College of Arts Londen

FASHIONCLASH attended this unique conference at Royal College of Arts in London.

'Fashioning the City: Exploring Fashion Cultures, Structures and Systems' is an international and interdisciplinary conference initiated by  Nathaniel Dafydd Beard, who was one of the participants in the FASHIONCLASH Maastricht 2010 exhibition. FASHIONCLASH shared the plenary round table discussion with Kaat Debo (MoMu), Kathryn Ferguson (filmmaker and curator) and  Dr. Marie Reigels Melchior, (Designmuseum Danmark). Beside that there were speakers and presentations from Stefan Siegel (Not Just A Label), Professor Wendy Dagworthy (RCA London), Professor Julie Sommerlund ( Royal Danish Academy of Arts - School of Design) and man more. Overal it was a very well organized and inspiring conference. We were very honored to be a part of  this conference among with speakers and leading fashion institutions from all over the world.

More about the conference: http://fashioningthecity.wordpress.com

FashionPhilosophy Fashion Week Poland in Łódź 

FASHIONCLASH was invited to attend the international conference that was organized in connection to Fashion Philosophy Fashion Week Poland in Łódź. The conference was held in the amazing Andel's Hotel in Łódź that is located in the Manufactura neighbourhood, a huge former industrial complex. The opening of the Fashion Philosophy Fashion Week Poland also took place at the Andel's hotel on Thursday 24th. City of Lodz used to be the capital for Polish textile industry until the major factories closed in the 90's. In recent years the city is recovering with great initiatives like the Fashion Philosophy Fashion Week Poland, Łódź design festival and the impressive Manufactura. Now Łódź is the place to be and is the avant-garde cultural capital of Poland.

Yes, Polish fashion is emerging, there is room for improvement but there is loads of potential in Polish fashion scene. The international conference 'Promotion of Polish Fashion Industry on the International Market' gave more insight in the general development and possibilities of the Polish fashion industry.

FASHIONCLASH has also experience with Polish designers. Each year FASHIONCLASH receives strong applications from Polish designers and it was a pleasure to see some of them in the program. FASHIONCLASH Maastricht 2012 participants Kamila Gawronska-Kasperska and Agnieszka Natasza Splewińska showed their collections. We hope that more Polish designers will apply for FASHIONCLASH Maastricht.

More info: http://www.fashionweek.pl

FASHIONCLASH designers at Dutch Design Week 2012 / Eindhoven

FASHIONCLASH loves to visit DDW because each year we find some amazing young talents and we love it even more when we bump into installations and presentations by FASHIONCLASH participants. Many of them are to be found in the Etalageroute DDW (shopping window route)   through the city: Elvira 't Hart, Annemarije van Harten, Nawie Kuiper, Mirte Engelhard, I am Nold (Natalie de Koning), Lidewij Corstiaans, de l’eefstijl, Marije de Haan, Joelle Boers and so on.http://www.ddw.nl


FASHIONCLASH & F.A.B at Runway Malta

For this edition of Runway Malta promising designers from the Euregion Meuse-Rhine were invited to show their collections.  One of them was Julia Schaetz, the winner of F.A.B / Runway Malta competition at FASHIONCLASH Maastricht 2012.

Beside Julia Schaetz, Ann Boogaerts and Brian Geradts were also invited. Ann Boogaerts, the winner of Lichting 2009 presented her stunning new collection and Brian Geradts his successful graduation collection. Fashion Across Borders is an initiative of MMH Fashion Museum Hasselt (Belgium), FASHIONCLASH (Maastricht) and Designmetropole Aachen (Germany). http://www.fashionacrossborders.com

F.A.B / FASHIONCLASH collaboration with Runway Malta is supported by Maastricht VIA2018 and Valletta 2018.

FASHIONCLASH was also part of the jury of Mdina Glass Malta competition. Five young Maltese designers were selected to show a mini collection inspired by Mdina Glass Malta.  After deliberation we decided to award Sef Farruġia. http://www.runwaymalta.com/


Design-Boulevard during Inspire City in Heerlen

During INSPIRE CITY 2012, DDDE (Dutch Design Desk Europe) presented twenty designers from the Euregio Meuse-Rhine (Maastricht, Aachen, Hasselt, Heerlen and Liège) at the Heerlen Woonboulevard. The designers were selected in cooperation with FASHIONCLASH, Designmetropole Aachen, Zachte G and MOS store. Check out the designers at www.design-boulevard.nl. INSPIRE CITY 2012 took place from 12th till 21th October. With over 4 million visitors annually, of which approximately 35% from Germany and Belgium, Woonboulevard Heerlen makes the theme “Design für Alle” accessible for a wide audience in the Euregion. The theme stands for “quality in everyday things for everyone.”




FASHIONCLASH Market #2 8, 9 & 10 June 2012

In connection with the international fashion event ‘FASHIONCLASH Maastricht 2012’ the extraordinary FASHIONCLASH Market is going to have its 2nd edition.

FASHIONCLASH Maastricht 2012 is an interdisciplinary fashion event where more than 100 promising talents from 20 countries will come together to present their creations.

Therefore FASHIONCLASH also wanted to provide a platform where visitors can purchase individual items themselves. FASHIONCLASH Market offers visitors the chance to browse around and discover unique clothing, accessories and design of young designers.

Special feature: Performance of Juliette Bogers and Cynthia Jordens „Cut Away The Time Will Tell“. With dancers Martha Kosieradzka, Isa de Wispelaere, Angela Heranda and  Tini Zimmermann.

Friday at 02:00

Saturday at 02:00 pm and 04:00 pm

Sunday 02:00 pm



8 June            10:30 am - 05:00 pm

9 June            10:00 am - 05:00 pm

10 June           01:00 pm - 05:00 pm


FREE Entrance



Cenre Céramique

Avenue Céramique 50 / Maastricht


8th/9th/10th June - a weekend not to be missed.




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