Design New Religion Project

Design New Religion, theme related project initiated for Fashion My Religion. 1. Noumenon by Mami Izumi & Jivika Biervliet 2. RELIC by Nora Ramakers & Johanna Hehemeyer-Cürten, performered by Princess Bangura, Giovanni Brand, Nora Ramakers

Photography: Team Peter Stigter

Reunite with FASHIONCLASH Family


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As a designer, volunteer, sponsor, model, photographer, journalist, visitor etc. Therefore, we want to THANK YOU and celebrate the 10th anniversary of FASHIONCLASH Festival (15th – 17th June 2018) with you!

REUNITE WITH THE FASHIONCLASH FAMILY! We invite you to be part of the Opening Project at FASHIONCLASH Festival 2018 where we want to present all the people (including you) who made FASHIONCLASH Festival possible over the years.

HOW TO TAKE PART? Send an email before April 1st to including: - Your name: - Age: - Current residence: - Your involvement at FASHIONCLASH Festival (visitor, designer, volunteer, sponsor, etc...): - 1 picture of your favourite piece of clothing/accessory (does not have to be 'designer' piece) including one sentence explaining why this piece means a lot to you.

e.g.: "This dress means a lot to me because it's the first piece of clothing that I completely designed myself."

ATTEND THE OPENING? Are you, besides being part of the Opening Project, interested in attending the opening of FASHIONCLASH Festival? You are more than welcome! More information TBA.

Save the date: June 15th 2018! Entrance is free.




Als designer, vrijwilliger, sponsor, model, fotograaf, journalist, bezoeker etc.

Daarom willen wij JOU BEDANKEN en samen met jou ons jubileum vieren tijdens de 10e editie van FASHIONCLASH Festival (15 – 17 juni, 2018)!

HERENIG MET DE FASHIONCLASH FAMILIE! Wij nodigen jou uit om deel uit te maken van het Opening Project van FASHIONCLASH Festival 2018, waar wij iedereen willen presenteren die ooit een bijdrage heeft geleverd aan FASHIONCLASH Festival.

HOE KUN JIJ DEELNEMEN? Stuur vóór 1 april een email naar met: - Jouw naam: - Leeftijd: - Huidige stad/land: - Jouw betrokkenheid binnen FASHIONCLASH Festival (bezoeker, designer, vrijwilliger, sponsor, etc...): - 1 Foto van jouw favoriete kledingstuk/accessoire met één zin die uitlegt waarom dit kledingstuk veel voor jou betekent. bv.: "Deze jurk betekent veel voor mij omdat het mijn eerste zelfgemaakte kledingstuk is."

OPENING BIJWONEN? Lijkt het je leuk om naast je deelname aan het openingsproject, de opening van FASHIONCLASH Festival 2018 zelf bij te wonen? Je bent meer dan welkom! Meer informatie volgt.

Save the date: 15 juni 2018! Toegang is gratis.

Meld je aan via:





FASHIONCLASH is honoured to team up with the Belgium makeup brand Cent Pur Cent during the 9th edition of FASHIONCLASH Festival. With the support of professional makeup artist and Cent Pur Cent founder Caroline Rigo and her talented team they will create the most amazing runway looks! The festival’s overall theme of “Fashion Makes Sense” will set the stage for the underlying inspiration and power behind the healthy skin looks Cent Pur Cent will be creating at this year’s show.

ABOUT: CENT PUR CENT Cent Pur Cent was launched by Hasselt’s professional makeup artist Caroline Rigo. Unsatisfied with the performance of mainstream makeup products, Caroline underlined the need for pure, healthy and mineral makeup that provided performance, high quality and health to support today’s ever changing looks and skin types. Inspired by nature's best, she founded her own mineral makeup line: Cent Pur Cent. Cent Pur Cent stands for Hip, Healthy, Happy and Hypoallergenic! 100% purity, 100% healthy and 100% quality. AND, as a cruelty free company, Cent Pur Cent tests on models. Not on animals. Cent Pur Cent makeup consists solely of the purest natural minerals, with the best quality. It uses and tests the minerals extensively and guarantees 100% healthy skin products. Key ingredient of Cent Pur Cent is the natural Mica mineral. They are scraped from the rocks and have been ground into superfine powders. These powders are processed and micronized into a beautiful colour palette that suits every skin type, skin tone and woman!

Create with Cent Pur Cent the most amazing looks AND make sure your skin can breathe and feel healthy while looking fabulous.

#LETSSHARESOMESKIN? Well, how about your skin? Need some inspiration for FASHIONCLASH Festival or want to create your own runway-ready look? As of now, FASHIONCLASH & Cent Pur Cent are already teaming up to deliver some a-ma-zing AND healthy make-up inspiration on Friday! Check out Instagram and make sense of your own skin! We will also be sharing some “behind-the-scenes” sneak peeks and “makeup-must-haves” during the festival! Follow @centpurcent  and/or @fashionclash_festival

#centpurcent #healthymakeup   Instagram Facebook

Photography courtesy Cent Pur Cent







FASHIONCLASH is honoured to team up for the 3rd time with Gulpener Brewery during FASHIONCLASH Festival 2017. A true friend; Tickling our senses, and sharing the love for collaboration, craftsmanship, quality, freedom, traditional values, hospitableness, and of course good beer!

Gulpener is an independent and sustainable Dutch family brewery, located in Gulpen (South Limburg, the Netherlands). Gulpener dates back to 1825 and is known for its long tradition of beer craftsmanship, innovative spirit and rich flavours. They were the first Dutch brewery to introduce several special crafts beers. They now present 16 special beers, some of which have been awarded prestigious prices.

BEER THAT MAKES SENSE! The way WE love fashion, GULPENER loves brewing the most tasteful beers! Gulpener is the only brewery in the Netherlands to use water from its own sources, hop from its own garden and receives its barley locally from farmers who produce eco- and environmentally friendly. As a result, Gulpener is known for a fantastic diversity of flavours and aromas that gives each of their beers its distinctive character. As an independent family brewery they are free to sail their own course. Free to discover their own taste. Free to do what feels good. They love experimenting with interesting flavours and brewing techniques. Combine this with the fact that they don’t pasteurize their beers, and they use traditional artisanal brewing techniques; a slightly different taste from year-to-year might surprise your taste buds. True to this year’s theme “Fashion Makes Sense” this affection and freedom – from seasonal and special beers to monastery beers and pilsners - promises to be a multi-sensory experience that can be felt, tasted, smelled, heard, envisioned AND triggers the imagination! Sit, poor, watch, roll, smell, taste and admire. Because, why should only taste have all the fun?

BLUE IS THE NEW GOLD During FASHIONCLASH Festival we will serve the for the 3rd time award winning superior pilsner Gulpener Château Neubourg (Gold Award Dutch Beer Challenge – 2017, Category Blond: Pilsner). Experience a gentle bitterness with an enriched character, a refined combination of fine herbal, mild acidity, floral and fruity flavours and an aromatic barley structure. Suitable presented in a beautiful stylish bottle. You can already taste it, no? Definitely a beer to enjoy exclusively!

PSSSTTT..check their new homeGulpener Brouwlokaal’, the perfect place to experiment, experience and taste new beer recipes, flavours and styles.

#CHEERSTOLOCALHEROES South Limburg and the City of Maastricht have a lot to cheer for and can be proud of many local talents and products. Together with Gulpener FASHIONCLASH will put the spotlight on various local designers who will be present at FASHIONCLASH Festival. CHEERS! #devrijebrouwer #vrijheidproefje

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Heritage Exhibition & Market

Heritage ExhibitionA multidisciplinary exhibition composed with works that are embodying the festival theme of 'heritage'. This exhibition is an eclectic mix of fashion design, shoe design, textile design, photography and installations. Scenography and exhibition design: Studio Stad.

Designer Market At the market young designers and labels are presenting special fashion items, accessories or jewelry within a setting of small pop-up ‘shops’.

FASHIONCLASH Festival Expo & Market

FASHIONCLASH Festival Gender exhibition, designer market and Juliëtte Heijnen performance-> participants Also featured are images of Spatial design by Studio Stad. Graphic design: Studio Noto.

FASHIONCLASH & Serbia Fashion Week

FASHIONCLASH teams up with Serbia Fashion Week FASHIONCLASH Festival designers ANDREA LAZZARI Plùs Que Ma Viè and Marko Marosiuk where invited to show their collection at Serbia Fashion Week, an international event that took place from 14 - 19 October in Novi Sad in Serbia. FASHIONCLASH attended SFW to officially sign a cooperation agreement, which includes exchange of one young designer each year. One FASHIONCLASH Festival designer goes to Serbia Fashion Week in October and one Serbian fashion designers joins FASHIONCLASH Festival in June.

Each year SFW will organize the FTDC Fashion Talent Design Competition competition for young Serbian fashion designers and students. Finals of the first FTDC edition took place during Serbia Fashion Week ss2015. Winning designer Zorica Jaranski will show her collection at FASHIONCLASH Festival 2015.

More images of FASHIONCLASH at Serbia Fashion Week -> here

Zorica Jaranski

andrea lazzari

marko marosiuk



FASHIONCLASH partnership with ModaLisboa


FASHIONCLASH and ModaLisboa - Lisboa Fashion Week ModaLisboa created its 43rd edition around the theme of 'legacy' during an intense three days programme. From October 10 to 12 both established and emerging designers from Portugal where staged in Pátio da Galé to present their collection for summer 2015. Since last June, FASHIONCLASH and ModaLisboa signed official partnership. FASHIONCLASH teamed up with ModaLisboa as we share the same mission to support emerging talents. In particular FASHIONCLASH partners with Moda Lisboa's Sangue Novo (New Blood), a platform for emerging Portuguese designers. The idea is that each edition one FASHIONCLASH Festival designer gets selected to show in the October edition of ModaLisboa and FASHIONCLASH awards each season one designer from Sangue Novo with participation at FASHIONCLASH Festival.

Traditionally Sangue Novo show takes place during the opening night of ModaLisboa and this time 10 new designers where featured in Sangue Novo show. Among the selected designers for Sangue Novo at ModaLisboa Legacy edition, FASHIONCLASH Festival 2014 participant Andrea Lazzari of Plùs Que Ma Vie label has been chosen to show his collection within this collective show. Portuguese designer Catarina Oliveira, FASHIONCLASH Festival 2014 participant, was also one of the ten designers.

FASHIONCLASH had the honor to award Inês Duvale with FASHIONCLASH/ModaLisboa prize, the second designer will be selected in the March edition of ModaLisboa in 2015.

Inês Duvale

Plùs Que Ma Vie

Catarina Oliveira

de Bijenkorf Pop-Up Store & Expo Challange 2014


de Bijenkorf Pop-Up Store & Expo Challange during FASHIONCLASH Festival 2014 

Winners of the challange are:

Pop-Up Store: A.M. Westen Expo: Linda Friesen

de Bijenkorf Pop-Up Store & Expo Challange is part of FASHIONCLASH Side Program

---> For more information ---> check the image below! 






FASHIONCLASH Pop-up Store / Office Temporary pop-up store where you can find unique clothing, jewellery and accessories by young designers from Maastricht (and Limburg).

FASHIONCLASH Pop-up Store is initiated in the context of Maastricht Modestad (Maastricht Fashion City)

To strengthen the Maastricht fashion industry the City of Maastricht is organizing the project Designer/Entrepreneur, a business coaching project. In seven sessions at the Institute for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (Instituut voor Midden- en Kleinbedrijf (IMK)), talented young designers are being trained to become entrepreneurs with a well-developed business plan. In addition to these workshops, the designers are being supervised by an advisory team.

FASHIONCLASH Pop-up store designers are participants of the Designer / Entrepreneur project

Danielle Vroemen Jewellery, JOELLE BOERS |STUDIO, Marsha Kessels, Nawie Kuiper, Gabriel+Guevara, BRANKOPOPOVIC, Linda Friesen, ebby port, MIEK

Location FASHIONCLASH Pop-Up Store / Office Maastrichter Smedenstraat 5 6211 GK Maastricht

Opening times of the pop-up store are not fixed. The closing date is undecided, the pop-up store is open for a min of three months. 

Pop Up Store 2013

FASHIONCLASH at FashionPhilosophy Fashion Week Poland


FASHIONCLASH is proud to announce collaboration with the biggest fashion event in Poland, FashionPhilosophy Fashion Week Poland. FASHIONCLASH has been invited to present two promising labels. In that context FASHIONCLASH Maastricht 2013 participants Jivika Biervliet (Netherlands) and label2 by Alen Pinku and Andrea Popovic (Italy) are showing their collections in the official schedule during FPFWP in Łódź.

In addition FASHIONCLASH fashion film by strictua, ASPIRE, will be screened during the FashionPhilosophy Fashion Week Poland Fashion Film Festival‏. Next to ASPIRE, other fashion films from our FASHIONCLASH Maastricht participants such as  Jana Wassong and Karel van Leare are included in the film festival.

Check out some impressions: FASHIONCLASH Blog / BRANKOPOPOVICBLOG


 Fashion Show Schedule 

Show programme



ModaLisboa - Lisboa Fashion Week


FASHIONCLASH is visiting ModaLisboa | Ever.Now - Lissabon Fashion Week 11, 12 13 October 2013

FASHIONCLASH is very excited to attend ModaLisboa for the very first time. In the past two very talented Portugese designers have participated during FASHIONCLASH Maastricht, Daniela Barros in 2012 and Valentim Quaresma in 2011.

Check out some impressions at BRANKOPOPOVICBLOG



FASHIONCLASH on the road


While we are already working in full speed on the 5ht edition of our event FASHIONCLASH Maastricht ( June 7 - 15 2013) we have not been silent. In fact we have been on the road attending events & conferences and scouting young talents.

You can also have a look at FASHIONCLASH BLOG for more.

Fashion the City international conference at Royal College of Arts Londen

FASHIONCLASH attended this unique conference at Royal College of Arts in London.

'Fashioning the City: Exploring Fashion Cultures, Structures and Systems' is an international and interdisciplinary conference initiated by  Nathaniel Dafydd Beard, who was one of the participants in the FASHIONCLASH Maastricht 2010 exhibition. FASHIONCLASH shared the plenary round table discussion with Kaat Debo (MoMu), Kathryn Ferguson (filmmaker and curator) and  Dr. Marie Reigels Melchior, (Designmuseum Danmark). Beside that there were speakers and presentations from Stefan Siegel (Not Just A Label), Professor Wendy Dagworthy (RCA London), Professor Julie Sommerlund ( Royal Danish Academy of Arts - School of Design) and man more. Overal it was a very well organized and inspiring conference. We were very honored to be a part of  this conference among with speakers and leading fashion institutions from all over the world.

More about the conference:

FashionPhilosophy Fashion Week Poland in Łódź 

FASHIONCLASH was invited to attend the international conference that was organized in connection to Fashion Philosophy Fashion Week Poland in Łódź. The conference was held in the amazing Andel's Hotel in Łódź that is located in the Manufactura neighbourhood, a huge former industrial complex. The opening of the Fashion Philosophy Fashion Week Poland also took place at the Andel's hotel on Thursday 24th. City of Lodz used to be the capital for Polish textile industry until the major factories closed in the 90's. In recent years the city is recovering with great initiatives like the Fashion Philosophy Fashion Week Poland, Łódź design festival and the impressive Manufactura. Now Łódź is the place to be and is the avant-garde cultural capital of Poland.

Yes, Polish fashion is emerging, there is room for improvement but there is loads of potential in Polish fashion scene. The international conference 'Promotion of Polish Fashion Industry on the International Market' gave more insight in the general development and possibilities of the Polish fashion industry.

FASHIONCLASH has also experience with Polish designers. Each year FASHIONCLASH receives strong applications from Polish designers and it was a pleasure to see some of them in the program. FASHIONCLASH Maastricht 2012 participants Kamila Gawronska-Kasperska and Agnieszka Natasza Splewińska showed their collections. We hope that more Polish designers will apply for FASHIONCLASH Maastricht.

More info:

FASHIONCLASH designers at Dutch Design Week 2012 / Eindhoven

FASHIONCLASH loves to visit DDW because each year we find some amazing young talents and we love it even more when we bump into installations and presentations by FASHIONCLASH participants. Many of them are to be found in the Etalageroute DDW (shopping window route)   through the city: Elvira 't Hart, Annemarije van Harten, Nawie Kuiper, Mirte Engelhard, I am Nold (Natalie de Koning), Lidewij Corstiaans, de l’eefstijl, Marije de Haan, Joelle Boers and so on.


FASHIONCLASH & F.A.B at Runway Malta

For this edition of Runway Malta promising designers from the Euregion Meuse-Rhine were invited to show their collections.  One of them was Julia Schaetz, the winner of F.A.B / Runway Malta competition at FASHIONCLASH Maastricht 2012.

Beside Julia Schaetz, Ann Boogaerts and Brian Geradts were also invited. Ann Boogaerts, the winner of Lichting 2009 presented her stunning new collection and Brian Geradts his successful graduation collection. Fashion Across Borders is an initiative of MMH Fashion Museum Hasselt (Belgium), FASHIONCLASH (Maastricht) and Designmetropole Aachen (Germany).

F.A.B / FASHIONCLASH collaboration with Runway Malta is supported by Maastricht VIA2018 and Valletta 2018.

FASHIONCLASH was also part of the jury of Mdina Glass Malta competition. Five young Maltese designers were selected to show a mini collection inspired by Mdina Glass Malta.  After deliberation we decided to award Sef Farruġia.


Design-Boulevard during Inspire City in Heerlen

During INSPIRE CITY 2012, DDDE (Dutch Design Desk Europe) presented twenty designers from the Euregio Meuse-Rhine (Maastricht, Aachen, Hasselt, Heerlen and Liège) at the Heerlen Woonboulevard. The designers were selected in cooperation with FASHIONCLASH, Designmetropole Aachen, Zachte G and MOS store. Check out the designers at INSPIRE CITY 2012 took place from 12th till 21th October. With over 4 million visitors annually, of which approximately 35% from Germany and Belgium, Woonboulevard Heerlen makes the theme “Design für Alle” accessible for a wide audience in the Euregion. The theme stands for “quality in everyday things for everyone.”




FASHIONCLASH Market #2 8, 9 & 10 June 2012

In connection with the international fashion event ‘FASHIONCLASH Maastricht 2012’ the extraordinary FASHIONCLASH Market is going to have its 2nd edition.

FASHIONCLASH Maastricht 2012 is an interdisciplinary fashion event where more than 100 promising talents from 20 countries will come together to present their creations.

Therefore FASHIONCLASH also wanted to provide a platform where visitors can purchase individual items themselves. FASHIONCLASH Market offers visitors the chance to browse around and discover unique clothing, accessories and design of young designers.

Special feature: Performance of Juliette Bogers and Cynthia Jordens „Cut Away The Time Will Tell“. With dancers Martha Kosieradzka, Isa de Wispelaere, Angela Heranda and  Tini Zimmermann.

Friday at 02:00

Saturday at 02:00 pm and 04:00 pm

Sunday 02:00 pm



8 June            10:30 am - 05:00 pm

9 June            10:00 am - 05:00 pm

10 June           01:00 pm - 05:00 pm


FREE Entrance



Cenre Céramique

Avenue Céramique 50 / Maastricht

8th/9th/10th June - a weekend not to be missed.




Daniela Larue | Sanne Gils


Dido Yland

FEE Concept Store

Freundliche Erfindungen

Kamila Gawronska Kasperska

I am Nold


Joelle Boers

Juliette Bogers


Martine Kwakernaak

MLY by Emily Hermans


Nikki Giling - Mirte Engelhard

Noir Near Future

Pepina Peculiar



Sasha Kanevski



Tesj bags + accessories





Dido Yland


Noir Near Future by Bregje Cox






Are you looking for special gifts for the holidays or to find something exclusive for yourself? Come to the FASHIONCLASH Market where more than 40 young designers are selling their unique clothing, jewellery, accessories, furniture and design.

FASHIONCLASH puts young designers in the spotlight during Magic Maastricht, the magical month of December in Maastricht. So plenty of reason to visit Maastricht 3 & 4 December, discover and meet the upcoming designer and get yourself some unique designs. THE MASTERS will also have their stand.

You can also visit FASHIONCLASH STORE, in Rechtstraat 88.


It's all gonna be Magical!!

Designers: An.S, Barike, B-MADE, Charlotte Kan, CHEQUITA & CHRISTIAAN, Clara Scharping + PYG,  Dido Yland, Einstern-Design, Els Boeren, Furansu, Ine Theuwissen, Inge Rens Jewellery Design, Studio Janina Loeve, IXX-Jolijn Fiddelaers, Kuppers & Wuytens, VA-TOUT, LORE LANGENDRIES, Manouk Hasebos, Marjolijn van de Ven, Marsha Kessels, Martine Kwakernaak, Mieke Dierckx, MIEK, MLY by Emily Hermans,  Monique Poolmans, NIKKI GILING,  Nina Führer, renskeversluijs, Pepina Peculiar, Romy van Geffen,  TURINA.Jewellery, fantast, Sonja Schödel, Starfish-Jewels, SÜLZKOTLETT Fabian Seibert, StriKKs, Swantje Langeheine, TITI + THE GERMAN KID, Veronica Vartic, Studio Vincent, THE MASTERS, workshops for kids and more!!

See you 3 & 4 December! Centre Céramique Avenue Ceramique 50, Maastricht

picture by Kris Micallef