Linda Friesen

de Bijenkorf Pop-Up Store & Expo Challange 2014


de Bijenkorf Pop-Up Store & Expo Challange during FASHIONCLASH Festival 2014 

Winners of the challange are:

Pop-Up Store: A.M. Westen Expo: Linda Friesen

de Bijenkorf Pop-Up Store & Expo Challange is part of FASHIONCLASH Side Program

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FASHIONCLASH Pop-up Store / Office Temporary pop-up store where you can find unique clothing, jewellery and accessories by young designers from Maastricht (and Limburg).

FASHIONCLASH Pop-up Store is initiated in the context of Maastricht Modestad (Maastricht Fashion City)

To strengthen the Maastricht fashion industry the City of Maastricht is organizing the project Designer/Entrepreneur, a business coaching project. In seven sessions at the Institute for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (Instituut voor Midden- en Kleinbedrijf (IMK)), talented young designers are being trained to become entrepreneurs with a well-developed business plan. In addition to these workshops, the designers are being supervised by an advisory team.

FASHIONCLASH Pop-up store designers are participants of the Designer / Entrepreneur project

Danielle Vroemen Jewellery, JOELLE BOERS |STUDIO, Marsha Kessels, Nawie Kuiper, Gabriel+Guevara, BRANKOPOPOVIC, Linda Friesen, ebby port, MIEK

Location FASHIONCLASH Pop-Up Store / Office Maastrichter Smedenstraat 5 6211 GK Maastricht

Opening times of the pop-up store are not fixed. The closing date is undecided, the pop-up store is open for a min of three months. 

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