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Opening Forza Fashion House & FCF 2017


Opening FASHIONCLASH Festival & Forza Fashion House The opening of the festival took place on Thursday 29 June 2017 at the Forza Fashion House in the LAB Building/Het Radium. The Forza Fashion House will be the new breeding ground for creative, cultural and entrepreneurial Maastricht and also the new FASHIONCLASH office. Directed by theatre makers Joost Horward and Nina Willems the evening contained interdisciplinary performances and installations by students from MAFAD and Maastricht Academy of Performing Arts.

Participants Students MAFAD: Ashley Luypaers, Max Niereisel, María Voth Velasco, Michelle Cornelissen, Dana Lipka, Julina Bezold, Natalia Rumiantseva, Empar Juanes Sanchis Students the Maastricht Academy of Performing Arts: Anthony van Gog, Nora Ramakers, Diederik Kreike, Izak Berman, Luca Meisters, Anna Luca da Silva, Maarten Heijnens, Caro Derkx, Mees Walter, Maxime Dreesen, Anoek Oostermeijer

Additional performances and installations: Mario Leko, Daan Couzijn, Mona Steinhaeusser