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Backstage SHOW / FASHIONCLASH Festival 2018

Behind the scenes at the Show during FASHIONCLASH Festival. Photography Team Peter Stigter

Show part II - FASHIONCLASH Festival 2018

THE SHOW Part II Designers: Alessandro Trincone / Enni Lähderinne / MUKASHI MUKASHI / HAESUNG BONG / HENKJENZ / Giulia Farencena Casaro / DANA JASINKEVICA / SorteMaria / Filipe Augusto / Dominika Kozáková / TEUN / Enclothed Cognition / STEVEN VANDERYT

Photography: Team Peter Stigter

Backstage Impression - Show 2

Show part I - FASHIONCLASH Festival 2018

THE SHOW Part I Designers: Zahra Hosseini / D.A.I. / AMY OLLETT / Carlijn Veurink / ANNAISS YUCRA MANCILLA / Iva Kujundžić / Rita Sá / Jacqueline Loekito / DARIA D‘AMBROSIO / EMILIE THIRION / PRJCT22 / Pu Tianqu / MICHAELA ČAPKOVÁ / MINDLESS / Katarzyna Dworecka / Maarten Van Mulken / Rena Jansen / MATTEO CARLOMUSTO

photography: Team Peter Stigter

Backstage Impressions - Show 1

AKATAK & Scott Robin Jun


Inspired by the theme, Studio AKATAK created a concept for the space, scenography, video projections and performances. Concept: Lotte Milder, Karlijn Milder, Mats Logen & Scott Robin Jun / Scenography: Scott Robin Jun & Lotte Milder / Video projections: Mats Logen & Karlijn Milder / Lighting Design: Karlijn Milder & Scott Robin Jun / Sound design: Matijs Guypen / Performers: Wies Berkhout, Anthony van Gog, Scott Robin Jun & Lotte Milder Singing Performance: singer Didi Visser, Sound designer: Jelle Hoekstra, Designer: Ebby Port/ Choir: Femmeuse womens choir AKAKAK is supported by VIA ZUID.

Photography: Team Peter Stigter

The Route - FASHIONCLASH Festival 2018, June 15 -17


FASHIONCLASH presents Fashion My Religion! The 10-year anniversary edition of the international and interdisciplinary FASHIONCLASH Festival. During the three-day festival more than 150 promising designers, (performing) artists  will present their work.

The program contains: The ROUTE: an inspiring pilgrimage along expositions, lectures, theatre- and dance performances and talks. The SHOWprogram takes place on Saturday night, a spectacular evening where talents of the future will take the stage at the SAM-Decorfrabriek.

Entrance & tickets FASHIONCLASH Festival is accessible for everyone and is mostly free of entrance, with the exception of the fashion shows on Saturday June 16.

Walk The Route and discover the program: Google Maps

Download the festival paper: PAPER


Guided Tours The visitors can sign up to a guided tour. Every tour will be led by a professional to give the visitor the opportunity to experience the program through the eyes of a specialist. The tours will be guided by fashion consultant Carlo Wijnants  and creative director Monika Turczyn  Tickets for the tours are available online: here