spatial design

AKATAK & Scott Robin Jun


Inspired by the theme, Studio AKATAK created a concept for the space, scenography, video projections and performances. Concept: Lotte Milder, Karlijn Milder, Mats Logen & Scott Robin Jun / Scenography: Scott Robin Jun & Lotte Milder / Video projections: Mats Logen & Karlijn Milder / Lighting Design: Karlijn Milder & Scott Robin Jun / Sound design: Matijs Guypen / Performers: Wies Berkhout, Anthony van Gog, Scott Robin Jun & Lotte Milder Singing Performance: singer Didi Visser, Sound designer: Jelle Hoekstra, Designer: Ebby Port/ Choir: Femmeuse womens choir AKAKAK is supported by VIA ZUID.

Photography: Team Peter Stigter