PERFORMANCE BASED SKINCARE FOR YOUR HAIR Proud sponsor & hair geniuses of FASHIONCLASH Festival 2018

FASHIONCLASH and Kevin Murphy have something to celebrate at the 10th edition of FASHIONCLASH Festival; a 5-year long partnership. A team of crazy talented hairdressers will be showing their skills backstage to create the most magical hair-do’s. Besides this, FASHIONCLASH and Kevin Murphy are creating a series of videos, photos and give-aways in relation to this year’s festival theme; ‘Fashion My Religion!’.

ABOUT: Kevin Murphy

Kevin Murphy has just graduated school when he is asked by Vogue to shoot an editorial. This opportunity kick-started his career. Besides owning his salon, he is working to become one of world’s well-known session stylists. The products he uses for his assignments don’t seem to do the job and cause skin irritations. Kevin Murphy starts experimenting with oils and plant-extracts and his first product is born. In 2004 Kevin launches his first line of products under his brand name KEVIN.MURPHY.

KEVIN.MURPHY stands for eco-friendly and cruelty free performance based products developed with ingredients from nature and the most recent skincare technology. The result: weightless hair products that perform a long time, give strength and above all are paraben- and sulphate-free.

All the KEVIN.MUPRHY hair products are not only good for your hair, but also for the environment. And are you just someone who goes for appearance, then KEVIN.MURPHY is also your go-to brand, because the pastel packaging is so cute, we bet you’ll never want to buy anything else again.

 #HairMyReligion #MyHairIsDivine #HairConfessions

What is your hair secret? Do you have something to confess about your luscious locks? And what is your sacred hair tip? These are some of the questions that will be answered by guests of the FASHIONCLASH Festival. You can share your story with the hashtag #HairMyReligion.

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