This year, Thiessen Wijnkoopers and FASHIONCLASH Festival will be collaborating for the 3rd time as they share a great love of community, craftsmanship, tradition and enriching taste-experiences. Thiessen Wijnkoopers will be serving carefully chosen wines to visitors of the festival.

ABOUT: Thiessen Wijnkoopers

It has already been 300 years since the foundation was laid down for Thiessen Wijnkoopers as we know it today. The authentic wine cellars under the impressive historical city home are still open to the public and in use for storing their wine.

Besides having a century old wine cellar, Thiessen Wijnkoopers also is one of the most magical places to host an event. The historic rooms and beautiful city garden will make every night one to remember.

You don’t have an event coming up, but still want to enjoy the spectacular selection of wines? No worries, in the wine shop you can find the most fitting wine for any occasion. The highly educated staff will help you find the wine that suits you best.

All this history makes us proud to present Thiessen Wijnkoopers as one of our sponsors.


Wine is definitely a part of our religion. We believe in the power of wine as tastemaker and mood booster. But we all have some beans (or grapes) to spill when it comes to wine. Tell us why wine is your religion and share your holy moments that can’t do without it with #WineMyReligion.

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HIGH-END FASHION BOUTIQUE FOR MEN AND WOMEN Proud sponsor & fashion fanatics like the team of FASHIONCLASH Festival 2018

Having a high-end boutique like PL-Line as a supporter of FASHIONCLASH Festival is important. It gives both PL-Line and FASHIONCLASH the opportunity to share ideas, opinions and views in a more social and real context. Fashion has always played a great role in religion. With PL-Line in play for the 10th edition of the FASHIONCLASH Festival we can try to find out what role religion plays in modern-day society.


PL-Line is a luxurious boutique, which is divided into two sophisticated stores in authentic atmosphere. Both stores are located in the city centre of Maastricht, the most historical and convivial city in the South of the Netherlands.  Founder Leon Holla has accomplished to create 'brand awareness' in the best way possible. Both PL-Line City Outfits and PL-Line Luxury Sportswear are well known by fashionable men and women. Not only for its wide range of luxurious brands but for its upright and right service as well. PL-Line City Outfits offers you a very wide range of the most luxurious and fashionable brands of the moment, for both men and women.

Well-known brands as Balmain, Givenchy, Saint Laurent, Tom Ford, Thom Browne, Prada, Balenciaga, Valentino and many more are part of the beautiful collection PL-Line has to offer keeping customers' ideas and feelings in mind. In addition to these high-end brands, PL-Line Luxury Sportswear will keep you up to date with the latest trends. Combining the most recent collections from leading brands such as Stone Island, Dsquared2 and Moncler with upcoming street wear brands like OFF-WHITE, Palm Angels, Amiri and many more.

 #FashionMyReligion #FashionConfessions #CarConfessions

To many of us fashion is quite like a religion; we use it as a tool to get what we want, some pieces give us courage, strength or hope. Others console us when we need it. And we bet everyone has something to confess when it comes to fashion. PL-Line and FASHIONCLASH invite you to comment, discuss and share your view on fashion and religion during the festival.

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PERFORMANCE BASED SKINCARE FOR YOUR HAIR Proud sponsor & hair geniuses of FASHIONCLASH Festival 2018

FASHIONCLASH and Kevin Murphy have something to celebrate at the 10th edition of FASHIONCLASH Festival; a 5-year long partnership. A team of crazy talented hairdressers will be showing their skills backstage to create the most magical hair-do’s. Besides this, FASHIONCLASH and Kevin Murphy are creating a series of videos, photos and give-aways in relation to this year’s festival theme; ‘Fashion My Religion!’.

ABOUT: Kevin Murphy

Kevin Murphy has just graduated school when he is asked by Vogue to shoot an editorial. This opportunity kick-started his career. Besides owning his salon, he is working to become one of world’s well-known session stylists. The products he uses for his assignments don’t seem to do the job and cause skin irritations. Kevin Murphy starts experimenting with oils and plant-extracts and his first product is born. In 2004 Kevin launches his first line of products under his brand name KEVIN.MURPHY.

KEVIN.MURPHY stands for eco-friendly and cruelty free performance based products developed with ingredients from nature and the most recent skincare technology. The result: weightless hair products that perform a long time, give strength and above all are paraben- and sulphate-free.

All the KEVIN.MUPRHY hair products are not only good for your hair, but also for the environment. And are you just someone who goes for appearance, then KEVIN.MURPHY is also your go-to brand, because the pastel packaging is so cute, we bet you’ll never want to buy anything else again.

 #HairMyReligion #MyHairIsDivine #HairConfessions

What is your hair secret? Do you have something to confess about your luscious locks? And what is your sacred hair tip? These are some of the questions that will be answered by guests of the FASHIONCLASH Festival. You can share your story with the hashtag #HairMyReligion.

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FASHIONCLASH Festival and Brand Bier decided to collaborate for the first time for the ‘Fashion My Religion!’ themed festival in June 2018. Brand Bier will be served and we believe it will be a great success. Before, during and after the show our servers will be handing you an ice-cold beer too cool down.

ABOUT: Brand Bier

Brand Bier has been brewing beer since 1340 and is the oldest brewery in The Netherlands. They are still producing beer for everyone to enjoy. With a history that is over 6 centuries old, Brand Bier knows how to brew the best and most passionately made beer. At the old brewery in the very south of The Netherlands, you can visit the Brand Bier brewery, museum and of course taste the delicious beer yourself.

Sustainability plays a big role in the beer making process at Brand Bier. They are working hard to minimize their ‘’global footprint’’ by using sustainable yeast and hops and minimizing the water use.

All yeast and hops are sustainably cultivated and all that is left of the yeast goes to cattle companies to feed the animals.

Besides visiting the old brewery, you can also check if there is, what Brand Bier calls, a tasting spot near your home where you can taste the great selection of special beers and get information on Brand Bier. They are definitely worth a visit, because who wants to miss out on a cold beer?


The art of drinking beer is like a religion as we believe there are certain moments that a cold beer enriches your life, just like religion can. What is you #BeerMyReligion moment? Share your story with us!

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A COUTURE TOUCH & ICONIC DESIGN TO STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD Proud sponsor and impeccable car service for FASHIONCLASH Festival 2018

FASHIONCLASH is teaming up with DS Automobiles for the 3rd time during the 10th edition of FASHIONCLASH Festival. Driving our senses and sharing our love for creativity, craftsmanship, beauty and innovation – not just regarding design and aesthetics but all areas of the arts.

ABOUT: DS Automobiles

A French brand born in Paris, DS was founded on June 1st 2014. Its ambition is to embody the French know-how of luxury in the car industry. Driven by its outstanding heritage and avant-garde spirit, DS perpetuates the values of innovation and distinction inherited from the first DS, launched in 1955. Designed for those looking for a means to express themselves as individuals, the DS Collection comprises DS 3, DS 3 CABRIO, DS 4, DS 4 CROSSBACK, DS 5 and completed with imminent-arrival of DS 7 CROSSBACK. They all stand apart through their avant-garde design, refinement and attention to detail, advanced technology and dynamic serenity. DS 7 CROSSBACK, the SUV by DS featuring Parisian-style innovation and savoir-faire, ushers in the second generation of DS models.

 DS, just like FASHIONCLASH synonymous with exceptional style, innovation and craftsmanship, is the Official Car Sponsor for FASHIONCLASH Festival 2018. During FASHIONCLASH Festival DS will be lining up the DS 3, DS 4 and DS 5 and DS 7 CROSSBACK. Gliding through the streets of Maastricht, ensuring our guests from around the world arrive in style at the fashion shows and events. A drive that takes us straight to heaven.

#DrivingMyReligion #CarConfessions

DS Automobiles and FASHIONCLASH are really curious to know if driving is as big of a deal to others as it is to us. Have our guests ever sinned while driving or do they have any confessions to make? Follow @DS_official and/or @fashionclash_festival to find out.


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LIMONCELLO MADE WITH LOVE Proud sponsor & official liqueur supplier of FASHIONCLASH Festival 2018

At the 10th edition of FASHIONCLASH Festival, Santocci will be serving the intensely flavoured lemon liqueur limoncello for the second time. Our professional servers will provide thirsty visitors with a refreshing and delicious yellow drink. Serving limoncello the right way can only be done by keeping the holy rules in honor and what better place do it as the FASHIONCLASH Festival theme is ‘’Fashion My Religion!’’.

ABOUT: Santocci

Originally, limoncello was created with leftover peels from the production of lemons grown for making lemon juice. The quality of the lemons was very important for this emerging "juice industry" and this resulted in the distinct taste of the peel. And with these peels the first Limoncello liqueurs were produced in the late 19th century.

Santocci has always been at the core and the tradition of Limoncello. They still use the high-quality and natural lemon peel derived from a lemon grown with love and attention. A lemon for which high quality standards are set gets a nice peel. Generations ago that was the reason for mixing leftover lemon peel with precious alcohol, and that is still how the producers at Santocci think about it today!


To many people limoncello is the perfect summer drink. It is fresh, light and just the right balance between sweet and sour. Do you agree with #LimoncelloMyReligion? And can you tell us why? Share your best summer drink stories with us!

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DEDICATED TO MAKING THE PERFECT CUP OF COFFEE Proud sponsor & coffee supplier of FASHIONCLASH Festival 2018

FASHIONCLASH is honoured to team up with their favourite coffee brand Coffeelovers for the 9th time at the 10th edition of FASHIONCLASH Festival. A team of professional baristas will provide everyone with a passion-filled cup of coffee during the festival. In order to connect to this year’s theme ‘Fashion My Religion!’ FASHIONCLASH and Coffeelovers are teaming up to tell a story about our coffee experiences.

ABOUT: Coffeelovers

Coffeelovers loves coffee lovers and vice versa… One can taste and experience the love for the black gold, but also for tea. Every cup of coffee requires a certain amount of freshly milled beans by the specially trained Coffeelovers barista’s. Want a little art piece to slurp away? The baristas will gladly whip up some latte-art for you. Most popular is of course a Coffeelovers heart!

Besides the great selection of coffees and tea, Coffeelovers also presents an extensive food menu with delicious foccacias, salads, muffins and their famous cheesecake to choose from. Are you on the go and don’t have time to chill? Coffeelovers also offers everything to-go.

The company is still growing and in every city that Coffeelovers is to be enjoyed, it has become one of the hotspots to enjoy your day where traditional values, such as quality and hospitality are most important.

As long as you love coffee, Coffeelovers will welcome you with open arms. Feel the love!

 #CoffeeMyReligion #CoffeeConfessions

So, what are your coffee habits? Are you a caffeine addict or do you only drink coffee to fit in? Share your #CoffeeConfessions or holy routine with us and Coffeelovers on Instagram. We will also be sharing all the details on our special Holy Coffee Menu to enjoy during the FASHIONCLASH Festival. Follow @coffeelovers_nl and/or @fashionclash_festival

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THE MAKE-UP BRAND FOR ALL FORMS OF EXPRESSION Proud sponsor & beauty expert at FASHIONCLASH Festival 2018

For the first time, FASHIONCLASH Festival and Ellis Faas will be working together to create the most amazing looks for the 10th edition of FASHIONCLASH Festival. Ellis Faas will provide some of the most talented make-up artists and beautiful products and this year’s theme ‘Fashion My Religion’ will be the inspiration behind the carefully chosen looks for the models.

ABOUT: Ellis Faas

Born and raised in The Netherlands, Ellis Faas started her career as a documentary, portrait and over-stylised fashion photographer. She quickly found out the technical side of photography wasn’t for her, but simultaneously discovered a passion for make-up.

After a study in Paris, moving back to Amsterdam and leaving again for London, Ellis ended up opening a portrait studio in her hometown Amsterdam where she not only took her client’s photo’s, but also did their make-up.

Ellis Faas had worked with many great names in the fashion industry and gained a load of experience when she decided it was time to create her own namesake make-up brand; Ellis Faas. Today, beauty products are more important than ever, as well as the way they are designed. Ellis Faas is for the make-up devotee that appreciates the effort Ellis Faas has put into her beautifully designed products, such as Ellis Red, the Foundation Pen, and the Ellis Holders. Ellis Faas is convinced that there is no right or wrong in doing make-up. Everyone should be free to decide and determine what they perfect as beautiful.


We bet most of you have a certain make-up or skincare routine to live by. Share your divine routine via #MakeUpMyReligion, because Ellis Faas and FASHIONCLASH are convinced that sharing is caring. Enjoy all the magnificent beauty looks during the Show at FASHIONCLASH Festival.

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