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LIMONCELLO MADE WITH LOVE Proud sponsor & official liqueur supplier of FASHIONCLASH Festival 2018

At the 10th edition of FASHIONCLASH Festival, Santocci will be serving the intensely flavoured lemon liqueur limoncello for the second time. Our professional servers will provide thirsty visitors with a refreshing and delicious yellow drink. Serving limoncello the right way can only be done by keeping the holy rules in honor and what better place do it as the FASHIONCLASH Festival theme is ‘’Fashion My Religion!’’.

ABOUT: Santocci

Originally, limoncello was created with leftover peels from the production of lemons grown for making lemon juice. The quality of the lemons was very important for this emerging "juice industry" and this resulted in the distinct taste of the peel. And with these peels the first Limoncello liqueurs were produced in the late 19th century.

Santocci has always been at the core and the tradition of Limoncello. They still use the high-quality and natural lemon peel derived from a lemon grown with love and attention. A lemon for which high quality standards are set gets a nice peel. Generations ago that was the reason for mixing leftover lemon peel with precious alcohol, and that is still how the producers at Santocci think about it today!


To many people limoncello is the perfect summer drink. It is fresh, light and just the right balance between sweet and sour. Do you agree with #LimoncelloMyReligion? And can you tell us why? Share your best summer drink stories with us!

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