FASHIONCLASH Festival 2014

This was FASHIONCLASH Festival 2014

From the 12th until the 15th of June, the FASHIONCLASH Festival took over Maastricht and transformed the city into the gathering of young emerging artists and designers. The 6th edition of the international and interdisciplinary platform lived up to its expectations and presented a mesmerising four-day fashion and art festival spread throughout the city.With many visitors, the SAMDecorfabriek and 35 various locations around Maastricht hosted the work of 150 emerging designers in the setting of fashion shows, exhibitions, designer market and several other projects.

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Filmed and edited by Daniel van Hauten and Wibke van Maartens. Music by Mapei - Don`t wait & Schlachthofbronx - Lights off feat Nicky da B

Daniel van Hauten captured all editions of FASHIONCLASH Festival -> take a look

FASHIONCLASH Festival 2014 -Expo & Market

Impressions of FASHIONCLASH Festival Market and Exhibition. Scenography is designed by Studio Stad. All images are by Team Peter Stigter.

Exhibtion participants:

Bora Hong (South Korea)
/ Branko Popovic (Netherlands) / Daniel Ramos Obregon (Colombia)
/ Daphne Hobbelen – Schaffenskraft (Netherlands)
/ Georgia Xanthe Dorey (Uk)
| Ine de Haes (Belgium)
/ IXX, Strikks, Elsewerk, B-Made (Netherlands)
/ Judith Jans & Eva Vermeulen (Netherlands) / Kate Langrish Smith (UK)
 / Olga Ozierankska (Poland)
/ Peter Hsieh (Taiwan)
/ Sanne Ree Barthels (Netherlands)
/ Shana Teugels (Belgium)
/ Stefanie Barz (Germany)
/ Yoni Lefévre (Netherlands) / (OLD)Fashion(ed) Project Linda Friesen en Ingrid Reinhoud/ VERWEVEN 2014 Project by Nina Willems

Market participants

Amal Kiran Jana (India) / Anna Treurniet (Netherlands) / BAIBA LADIGA (Latvia) / DBAK - DESIGN BY ALEXANDRA KALKOWSKI /  Carlotta Actis Barone (Italy) / CEXN Clothing Art by Dana Mikelson & Bartholomaus Wischnewski (Germany) / Danielle Vroemen Jewellery (Netherlands) / H O W L by Maria Glück (Spain) / IINUA | Joelle Boers | Bregje Cox (Netherlands) / Jana Mikešová & Linda Zabilková (Czech Republic) / Jannissima (Netherlands) / KOMBOKOLOR (Poland) / Lisanne Janssen & Fien de Graaf (Netherlands) / Klekko (Poland) / KAAPIO by Kaoru Oshima (Japan)/ Lies Wambacq Juweelontwerp (Belgium) /Lore van Keer (Belgium) / Marsha Kessels (Netherlands) / Marina Stanimirovic (France) /MLY by Emily Hermans (Netherlands) / Mies Nobis (Germany) / Olga Jazepova (Estonia) / Plùs Que Ma Vìe by Andrea Lazzari (Italy) / Stieglitz (Netherlands) / Studio Myr (Netherlands) / VA-TOUT (Belgium) / KEVIN.MURPHY Blow-Dry Bar

FASHIONCLASH Festival 2014, backstage at Day 3

The last day of FASHIONCLASH festival 2014 was a day to remember. It was not only the last day of a great festival, there were also a lot of different shows and people to watch.

FASHIONCLASH Festival, Show 6

ODIO & Jakub Pieczarkowski + EM + davidbacali + Milou van Duijnhoven + LADRON DE GUEVARA + H O W L by Maria Glück + Sasha Nassar + YOJIRO KAKE

FASHIONCLASH Festival 2014, Show 5

AVADEM +Marieke van Geffen + VERWEVEN 2014 - project by Nina Willems + ZWYRD + ebby port + JETPAQ + Ciara Monahan + KONY + Freya Proudlock  + KRJST

FASHIONCLASH Festival 2014, Show 4

Nienke Hoekstra & Ingrid van der Zalm + Plus Que Ma Vie by Andrea Lazzari + Marko Marosiuk + JUDITHVANVLIET x ChrisvandenElzen + M I C L E E + PETRA PTACKOVA