FASHIONCLASH Festival 2014 -Expo & Market

Impressions of FASHIONCLASH Festival Market and Exhibition. Scenography is designed by Studio Stad. All images are by Team Peter Stigter.

Exhibtion participants:

Bora Hong (South Korea)
/ Branko Popovic (Netherlands) / Daniel Ramos Obregon (Colombia)
/ Daphne Hobbelen – Schaffenskraft (Netherlands)
/ Georgia Xanthe Dorey (Uk)
| Ine de Haes (Belgium)
/ IXX, Strikks, Elsewerk, B-Made (Netherlands)
/ Judith Jans & Eva Vermeulen (Netherlands) / Kate Langrish Smith (UK)
 / Olga Ozierankska (Poland)
/ Peter Hsieh (Taiwan)
/ Sanne Ree Barthels (Netherlands)
/ Shana Teugels (Belgium)
/ Stefanie Barz (Germany)
/ Yoni Lefévre (Netherlands) / (OLD)Fashion(ed) Project Linda Friesen en Ingrid Reinhoud/ VERWEVEN 2014 Project by Nina Willems

Market participants

Amal Kiran Jana (India) / Anna Treurniet (Netherlands) / BAIBA LADIGA (Latvia) / DBAK - DESIGN BY ALEXANDRA KALKOWSKI /  Carlotta Actis Barone (Italy) / CEXN Clothing Art by Dana Mikelson & Bartholomaus Wischnewski (Germany) / Danielle Vroemen Jewellery (Netherlands) / H O W L by Maria Glück (Spain) / IINUA | Joelle Boers | Bregje Cox (Netherlands) / Jana Mikešová & Linda Zabilková (Czech Republic) / Jannissima (Netherlands) / KOMBOKOLOR (Poland) / Lisanne Janssen & Fien de Graaf (Netherlands) / Klekko (Poland) / KAAPIO by Kaoru Oshima (Japan)/ Lies Wambacq Juweelontwerp (Belgium) /Lore van Keer (Belgium) / Marsha Kessels (Netherlands) / Marina Stanimirovic (France) /MLY by Emily Hermans (Netherlands) / Mies Nobis (Germany) / Olga Jazepova (Estonia) / Plùs Que Ma Vìe by Andrea Lazzari (Italy) / Stieglitz (Netherlands) / Studio Myr (Netherlands) / VA-TOUT (Belgium) / KEVIN.MURPHY Blow-Dry Bar

FASHIONCLASH Festival 2014, Show 4

Nienke Hoekstra & Ingrid van der Zalm + Plus Que Ma Vie by Andrea Lazzari + Marko Marosiuk + JUDITHVANVLIET x ChrisvandenElzen + M I C L E E + PETRA PTACKOVA

FASHIONCLASH Festival 2014 Distinguished Dreams

Melissa Ellberger (choreographer) & Mieke Kockelhorn (designer) + Katja Heitmann (choreographer) & Annemarije van Harten (designer) + Loïc Perela (choreographer) & fORS (designer) + Cecilia Moisio (choreographer) & Sara Vrugt (designer) + Jasper van Luijk (choreographer) & Jivika Biervliet (designer)

FASHIONCLASH Side Program - June 12 -15


FASHIONCLASH Side Program 12 – 15 June, at various location in Maastricht FASHIONCLASH Side Program is an accompanying program spread across various locations in Maastricht with pop-up stores, exhibitions, lectures, Film Fashion Night Out and events in selected boutiques and cultural spots in Maastricht. FASHIONCLASH Side Program is a bouquet of what 'Fashion City Maastricht' has to offer. The program will be opened with a fashion show at the de Bijenkorf on June 12 (from 7 p.m., free entrance). Afterwards you can enjoy fashion short films at Film Fashion Night Out at Lumière Cinema. (tickets are only available at Lumière)


* June 12 Fashion Shows at de Bijenkorf Maastricht

*June 12 Fashion Film Night Out at Lumiere Cinema Maastricht from 9 pm


Pop-Up Stores

de Bijenkorf - Pop-Up Store in Store: AM.Westen + Pop-up Expo Linda Friesen / De Bijenkorf Maastricht, Achter het Vleeshuis 26 FASHION FREAX - Fashion Freax Pop Up Store / at Mosae Forum FEE ACADEMY DIVISION / Young designers -> Fashion department + film / at Mosae Forum OFF STRAND Maastricht Pop Up Store / at Mosae Forum STRIKKS:store - at Mosae Forum

Designers in Stores

- CLIO Showcase GABRIEL + GUEVARA / St. Amorsplein 11 - Festen Store in store Pop-up shop: Anna Treurniet & Dario Scapitta Design / Minckelersstraat 1a - Gsus industries drinks / Window bodypaint / DJ / Spilstraat 14 - Hannes Roether & Amal Kiran Jana / 10% discount / drinks / Sporenstraat 14 - Hot Kitchen Men's Boutique & Milica Vukadinovic / Rechtstraat 65a - Lena Berens Studio Store Fashion Label LB Lena Berens / Studio Store / Maastrichter Heidenstraat 2 - Le Marais Deux / DBAK - DESIGNED BY ALEXANDRA KALKOWSKI / Maastrichter Heidenstraat 6 - Marres, House for Contemporary Culture &  Branko Popovic Capucijnenstraat 98 - MAX Maastricht & Anya Liesnik -  Bites & drinks / Hoogbrugstraat 69 - MAYFAIR X H O W L / 20% discount / Bites & drinks / Stationsstraat 20 - MOS / Exhibition - ELLEN TRUIJEN // SANNE VAASSEN / a project where bags and art meet / Frankenstraat 195 - NOIR / FUTURISTIC RETRò mini fashion show June 13th 16.00 hours / Carlotta Actis Barone / 10% discount on leather items / Wyckerbrugstraat 45 - PL Line presentation designers 12th June from 3.00 pm/ Baiba Ladiga / Lore van Keer / Bites & drinks / Bredestraat 7a - Optiek Carl Cramp / HAPTER brillen / Kesselskade 64 - Siefers Opticum & DAMN / Stokstraat 22 - Stijl Wyck + Marina Stanimirovic +  Label 2 (Alen Pinku & Andrea Popovic) / Bites & drinks / Wycker Brugstraat 48 - STRIKKS/Conflict Conflict Designmarket / STRIKKS / Minckelersstraat 14 - Winkeldochters & ebby port “please don’t tell me what to wear” Rechtstraat 79

Expo /performance / installation

- About 11 Pop-Up Expo Box  - Centraal Station - About 11 Pop-Up Expo Box - Onze Lieve Vrouw Plein - De Bijenkorf Maastricht - Fashion Shows 7 pm, 8 pm and 9 pm - Bureau Europa performance fORS -3 pm  /  Boschstraat 9 - DE CENTRALE - DE BRANDWEER - Performance 'Fashioned my way’ Monique van Kerkhof / June 14th 12.00 & 14.00 uur / Atelier GABRIEL + GUEVARA / Capucijnenstraat 21 - Centre Céramique & MAFAD (Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design)  EXPO - June 12th - 15th / Lectures and Talks - June 13th & 14th 15.00 hours / Avenue Ceramique 50 - Café Zondag Installation Lena Berens - Cafe Zondag / Wycker Brugstraat 42 - Dominicanenkerk & ABOUT 11 - Fashioncorner / Dominicanerplein - The Fitting Room Projects  -  Book launch 'Fashion Friction’ / June 14th 15.00 hours / Brusselsestraat 53B - Christina Braun | Sonia Aïssaoui Expo at Brusselsestraat 53B - Fashion Film Night Out at Lumière Cinema Maastricht  - June 12th 21.00 hours / Installation Chiara Luzzana / Bogaardenstraat 40B - PL Line presentation designers 12th June from 3.00 pm/ Baiba Ladiga / Lore van Keer / Bites & drinks / Bredestraat 7a - Stadhuis Maastricht - About 11 EXPO / June 12th & 13th / Markt

Special Deals

- Australian 2nd scoop of icecream for free - Barsserie Appart FASHIONCLASH Menu € 42,50 - Coffeelovers Buy a coffee 1. take a selfie 2. post it 3. use #fashionclash & win tickets! - Grand Café Maastricht Soiron High Wine or High Beer: 2 for the price of 1 (valuable june and july 2014) - Gsus Bites & drinks, a window display with bodypaint and a DJ - Hannes Roether 10% discount - bites & drinks - MAX Maastricht Bites & drinks - Mayfair 20% discount - Modemuseum Hasselt (Belgium) 50 % off the entrance ticket when you show the FASHIONCLASH magazine at the museum's desk - Noir 10% discount on all leather items & a mini fashionshow on Friday the 13th of June at 16.00 hours - Restaurant ''O'' Surprise menu: 4 courses for the price of 3 - Townhouse Designhotel Maastricht High Tea, 2 for the price of 1 (valuable june and july 2014) - Stijl Wyck Bites & drinks

FASHIONCLASH Side Program designers & artists

ABOUT 11, (3rd year Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design) Anna Elisabeth Kruyswijk (Netherlands) Asu Aksu (Turkey) AM.WESTEN (Netherlands) Anna Treurniet (Netherlands) Anya Liesnik (Germany) Amal Kiran Jana - amalkiranjana (India) BAIBA LADIGA (Latvia) Berlin Fashion Film Festival Branko Popovic (Netherlands) Carlotta Actis Barone (Italy) Chiara Luzzana (Italy) Christina Braun (Germany) Sonia Aïssaoui  (France) DAMN (Belgium) DBAK - DESIGNED BY ALEXANDRA KALKOWSKI - (Germany) Dario Scapitta Design (Italy) Ellen Truijen  Ebby Port (Netherlands) H O W L by Maria Glück (Spain) fORS (Netherlands) Fashion Freax (Netherlands) FEE Academy Division (Ine de Haes, Jet Teunis, Mirte Engelhard) (Netherlands) GABRIEL + GUEVARA Linda Friesen (Netherlands) Lore van Keer (Belgium)  'Fashion Friction' by The Fitting Room Projects (Netherlands) LB by Lena Berens (Netherlands) LABEL2 by Alen Pinku & Andrea Popovic – (Serbia / Italy) Marina Stanimirovic (France) Milica Vukadinovic (Serbia) Nawie Kuiper (Netherlands) Petra Ptackova (Czech Republic) Sanne Vaassen (Netherlands) Strikks / Conflict Designmarket

OFF Strand (UK)

OFF Strand Maastricht designers Pitchouguina Julie Eilenberger Caiti Betterton Myia Bonner Niza Huang Francesca Valorsa Lana Siberie Sara Gunn Arlette Ess Maud Traon Yui Atelier Apujan Mury Vita Gottlieb


FASHIONCLASH Festival 2014


FACL032-WTK-omslagbeeld FASHIONCLASH Festival 2014 12-15 June in Maastricht

FASHIONCLASH Festival 2014 campaign image is inspired by the theme 'AGE'. What if we could preserve a certain age, how old would you be? The art of fashion can provide a number of means to break down boundaries that are related to the stereotypes concerning age. Aging is not boring, it is a process that can and should be celebrated.

The concept of ‘age’ is the theme of the 6th edition of the FASHIONCLASH Festival.

Age is omnipresent in our society. It is a multi-layered concept and widely discussed. It seems that we could debate endlessly what aging means in the 21st century. There is the societal debate concerning the aging population in Western countries. What can be done to the evident age gap between the old and the young? What kind of actions can be done to prevent the isolation of elderly people in society? The developed health care system means that people will live longer and are able to stay active longer. There is the value debate concerning the adoration of youth, which contrasts the appreciation and respect we often show towards the elderly people. What will be the role of elderly people in the modern society? Has the modern-day obsession with youth made us formulate certain beliefs concerning appropriate behaviour for elderly people? Some say it is inappropriate for an older woman to show off skin.

Whatever is your position in the debate concerning age, it is something that you can relate to. Have you ever considered, for example, how does your age translate to your actions and the way you express yourself? Often it is claimed that certain designs are representative of a certain age only, but is it really so? Equally, art and design provide a number of means to break down boundaries that are related to the stereotypes concerning age. Fashion is capable of discussing whether certain types of clothes are limited to a specific age or how age can be implemented in design.

More information about FASHIONCLASH Festival 2014 --> Program & Tickets 


FASHIONCLASH Festival 2014 Campaign Image

Credits: Photography: Lisa Klappe Make-up: M.A.C Cosmetics Hair: Kevin Murphy Design: Studio Noto Models: Karen Kikkert, Veronique Obrie & Josien Hennen


FACL032-WTK-FC2014-C FACL032-WTK-FC2014-B

Open call for submissions for FASHIONCLASH Festival 2014


note: it is no longer possible to apply for FASHIONCLASH Festival 2014, your submission is welcome in 2015. Open Call for submissions for FASHIONCLASH Festival 2014 6th edition of the international and interdisciplinary fashion festival 12 — 15 June 2014 in Maastricht (Netherlands)

Dear artists, designers, photographers, performers and other 'fashion' related talents,

We happily invite you to sign up for the 6th edition of the fashion festival “FASHIONCLASH Festival”.

FASHIONCLASH Festival is an inspiring fashion festival based in Maastricht, the Netherlands. FASHIONCLASH Festival shows the art of fashion in the broadest sense of the word. FC Festival is a platform where young and upcoming designers and artists from various disciplines get the opportunity to present their work to a broad and various audience, national and international press, industry leaders, etc. Since the 1st edition in 2009 more than 700 talents from more than 30 countries have joined the festival and were given the opportunity to show their talent and work. Some of their careers really took of from there!

More information about the festival and it's previous editions: FASHIONCLASH festival

You want to join?

The FASHIONCLASH Festival 2014 program consists of the following items:

A FASHIONCLASH Fashion Shows B FASHIONCLASH Exhibition C FASHIONCLASH Market D FASHIONCLASH Side Program E Open Call for fashion films for FASHION FILM NIGHT OUT --> more information


Please find a more elaborate description and learn more about the program in the application form.

You can download the application form for FC Festival 2014 hereApplicationform FCF2014

Open Call for de Bijenkorf Pop-Up Store & Exhibition: information about submission

Deadline for submissions is 10 March 2014. If you have any questions about the registration e-mail us here:

Feel free to spread the news.

We are looking forward to your application!!